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The Trailer

The road is dark and winding, full of curves. It’s a full moon out tonight and the sky is illuminated with stars. My hand is held tightly in his and the wind from the open window caresses my face. My hair blows into my eyes and I find myself smiling as I remove it from my face. We drive in happy silence, not needing words, allowing the energy that flows between us to do the speaking. After some time, we arrive. A chorus of crickets, frogs and other creatures greets us as we open the car door and walk into the night.

The trailer is plain and nondescript. It sits on a patch of land surrounded by other trailers and fishing boats. Lakes dot the edge of the woods and in the summer time they are filled with the sounds of families making memories together.

Tonight, however, is ours. It’s fall and cool outside, the days of fishing over for the season. We arrive shortly after 10 p.m., the air filled with the promise of things to come.

We’ve been dating a few weeks now but sometimes, it feels like he’s always been in my life. There is a comfort with him, a sense of peace. I never intended on getting serious with someone so soon after my divorce. It was an invitation to dinner, that’s all. When he knocked on my door I was taken by surprise. He was tall, and handsome. Bald with a thick goatee, eyes a combination of green and gold. His arms were strong and his body toned and tight, I could see muscles straining through his shirt. The conversation flowed easily and as the date progressed, so too, did my attraction to him. Every day since then we found reasons to meet, like Alice in Wonderland, I’ve been falling deeper down the rabbit hole, descending into love.

When we come here it feels like Heaven has parted a curtain, giving me a glimpse into the divine. It’s quiet and peaceful, my mind and body connected to Mother Earth and the splendorous bounty she’s provided for our pleasure.

We build a bonfire, sitting side by side on two old and battered red chairs, our fingers touching, tracing slow circles on each others palms. Glasses of wine sit on the grass next to our feet and we relax into the night, looking up at the stars, as we talk. He leans over and puts a strand of hair behind my ear, his touch sending goosebumps down my arms. I sigh and sink deeper into the chair, listening to the love song that is playing gently through the open window from speakers inside.

The song sums up exactly how I feel. I’m in love, head over heels. In a few short weeks, this man, once a stranger is now someone I can’t image my life without. I want to tell him, I want to shout it out loud, but I’m afraid. I’ve been struck by lightening and my heart and mind are charged.

He grabs my hand and stands me up, leading me towards the blanket that he’s laid on the grass. As the fire burns bright and I stare into his eyes, we shed our clothing like molting snakes, standing naked beneath the moonlight. He lays me down and kisses my face, the grass touching my toes, tickling my feet. We begin to make love, connecting body, mind and soul. As I arch my back and my fingers sweep over his cheek, he whispers “I love you” for the first time.

“Say it again” I tell him. The sound of his voice, a lullaby, a symphony, music that soothes and heals my injured soul. He says it over and over, I say it back, letting those three words I was terrified of uttering, rush from my lips, from my soul. Tears well into my eyes and down my cheek. I close them as I run my fingers across his face. I pretend I am blind and he is Braille, wanting to read the love that is etched there.

We lay beneath our blankets, my head on his chest, I fall asleep, his words in my ears, my heart soaring into the night, my soul breathes a sigh of relief. I am home, I am free, beneath these stars, wrapped tightly in his arms, I am exactly where I need to be.

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