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Dragon Slayer

You saw me. Not when I had walls but a castle terrified to let anyone in. You scaled them and climbed inside, slayed the dragon in my soul.

Brick by brick, piece by piece you’ve helped tear down this foundation of mistrust and fear.

For the first time in years I am outside again, free on the ground, feet in the grass and sunshine caressing my face.

Love is not conditional. Not when it’s right. It’s free from resentment, selfishness and pride.

It is a pure thing to be given and received even when you don’t know what is coming down the line.

I was the fairy tale princess locked away by my fears and doubts, never certain if the knight would appear, never certain of what would come next till one day you appeared and gave me a kiss that woke my slumbering soul.

I am taking tentative steps, out of the darkness and into the light. Not every one can slay dragons, I am forever grateful that you slayed mine.

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