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Kiss Me


Kiss Me.

Bring your lips into mine, soft and full,

filled with promise and delight.

Gather my hair in your hands, tilt my head back

expose the softness of my neck.

Clasp your teeth in the hollow and suckle

feel my blood rush into the vein.

Hear me.

The sound of pleasure as it escapes my lips

The sound of my heart as it quickens with your touch.

Take me.

Bring me to the meadow

lay me down on grass, covered in early morning dew

Raise my dress above my hips, my legs shaking exposed to the night

Enter me.

Merge into me, feel my warmth.

Wet with desire my face and body flush

Join your body to mine as two turn into one

Lose Yourself with Me

In the moment

we claw and scratch

move and writhe

Mother Earth beneath our toes

Our energy radiating into the night

Feel my embrace as the moon light shines down a beacon, a spotlight on our love

Feel me.

My body shudders, it shakes, I release myself into you

As you release your seed in me.

Weak legs, throbbing lips, hands quivering from the electricity of your touch

Kiss me.

Whisper sweet nothings in my ear as your lips graze my cheek.

Let me taste you

Let me get lost

Kiss me and lose yourself with me in the night.

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