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Dream Man

She lay in the bed, a breeze from her open window caressing her face. She propped herself up on her elbow, allowing her fingers to lazily trace the tuft of hair on his chest. He was such a peaceful sleeper, eyes closed, breath coming in soft waves. A smile formed on her lips as she soaked in his face, his body so inviting beneath the white cotton sheet.

Softly she kissed him, stirring him from him slumber, his beautiful eyes, flecked with gold and green opening to meet hers in recognition. “Hi” she whispered, as her mouth found his stubbly cheek. “I love you” she said. He reached his hand out and touched her cheek, brushing the wayward hair that was always falling into her eyes. “Hi back” he said, “I love you too”.

She leaned in to kiss him, the familiar electricity coursing down her toes and through her fingers. Soft, gentle at first, her kiss changed as her need grew becoming raw, visceral, hard. He responded in kind, his hands reaching around her waist, pulling her in close. In all her years she had never felt this way about another person. His mouth on hers was like taking a drug, one she wanted more and more.

He pulled her down onto his naked body, the sheet cast aside to the end of the bed. Quickly, urgently he slipped her panties down her legs and himself inside. He was hard as steel and his cock throbbed with desire. She pushed her hands down on to his chest, hips bucking back and forth. She needed him, had to claim him, make him hers. He raised his hips to meet her movements, going as deep into her body as he could.

He sat up, wrapping her legs around his waist, his hands entwined in her hair. He teeth sought out the hollow in her neck, biting the spot that he knew sent shudders down her spine. She found it hard to catch her breathe, hard to think. All that mattered was this moment, all that counted was him.

He laid her on her back as her orgasm began, pounding, moving, thrusting himself inside. She dug her nails deep into his skin, raking them down his back as his name escaped from her lips and into the night.

He followed soon after, releasing his seed inside her, laying his head on her shoulder as he tried to slow his racing heart. She could not contain the joy she felt, the comfort and sense of peace he brought into her life. All the years of searching, all the years of loneliness and one day, by some chance of fate, there he was, the man of her dreams in the flesh and now sharing her bed.

The night air trickled in through the open window as her hand rested once more on his chest. Sleep had finally found her and she gave in to its request. Dreams are a beautiful thing she thought, it’s even better when they come to life.

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