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Birthday Gift

The lightening cracks in the night sky, the air feels electrified. It matches the mood I’m in. My body is on fire, I’m aching for a release. I prepare myself for the evening ahead, certain that only one thing will extinguish the heat soaring between my thighs. I put on my black dress, the one that hugs my body like an old friend. Underneath I’ve chosen a white bra and matching lace panties, a little naughty mixed with the nice. I throw my long hair into a ponytail, put red lipstick on my lips. Black 4 inch heels round out my look. I feel sexy and vibrant, confident and strong. Tonight the boys won’t stand a chance and it’s exactly what I need.

The bar is thriving by the time I arrive. People mingle about. I scan the room, seeking out the objects of my desire. I find them, sitting in the back corner, glasses filled to the rim with beer. They are so different looking from each other but delicious in their own ways. The first is tall, bald, a goatee brushing his face. His lips are full, the kind that makes you want to lean in and give them a kiss. His muscles are visible under his white cotton shirt, his jeans strain against strong thighs. The second is shorter in stature but just as built, waves of brown hair and fabulous eyes. He also has the kind of mouth I want to kiss, tonight, if I get my way, I’ll try them both.

I make my way to the table next to them and order a drink, sip it slowly, as I glance their way. The bald one notices first, a smile forming on his lips. I smile back, then cast my eyes back towards my drink. His friend looks up to see what’s caught his attention and we repeat the ritual, acknowledge then look away. A few minutes later, with stolen glances abound, I stand from table and saunter over to theirs. “Hi, I’m Sara” I say, hand extended, showing off my perfectly manicured nails. “Hi I’m Jack” says the bald one, “and this is my friend Frank”.  “Do you mind if I join you guys? I’m out all alone tonight and wouldn’t mind the company” I ask.

“Sure” Jack replies, making room for me next to him. “Actually,” I say, “Would you mind if I sat between the two of you? Makes conversation easier and all”. He isn’t quite sure what to think of my request but scoots over allowing me in the middle seat.

“So fella’s, I’ll get right to the point. This rain has gotten me into quite a state. I’m as turned on as a cat in heat and today is my 35th birthday. I’ve decide to give myself a present, the both of you…If you’re open to the idea of course”.

They look at me, unsure what to say, unsure how to proceed. After a moment, Frank takes the lead. “This isn’t some sort of joke is it? Are you a cop? A hooker? What’s the catch?”

“No catch, sweet man” I say as my finger runs up his thigh. “Life is short, and I feel like having fun. I came here tonight looking for an adventure, when I saw the two of you I wanted to take the chance”. Jack speaks next, a smile stretching from one end to the other on his sexy, stubbly face. “I would pinch myself or say I’m dreaming but then I might jinx this”.

“It’s not a dream and I am completely sincere. I have a room up the road. So what do you say fella’s? Wanna give this birthday girl a night she won’t forget?” My hands are now grazing both of their legs under the table.

Before they can answer I write the room # to my hotel on a napkin and give them address. “I’m going to leave now, I hope you will join me, I’d hate to have fun all by myself”. With that I stand up and kiss them each on their cheeks, leaving them as I walk out the door and toward my car. I head back to my hotel and take out the candles I’ve brought in my bag. I place them around the room, the scent of coconut and vanilla quickly filling the space. The rain is still falling steadily and I open the window allowing the smell and noise to make its way inside. My radio is turned to a favorite station, slow R&B jams coming from the Bluetooth speaker on the night stand. I open the bottle of wine I left chilling and take out 2 more wine glasses, making myself comfortable on the chase as I wait.

About 10 minutes later there is a knock on the door. My stomach turns in pleasant knots. I open it to let them in, ushering them to the couch in the next room. They remind me a little of deer’s caught in headlights, the uncertainty of the way their night has turned out etched on their faces. “Relax” I tell them. “I don’t bite, unless of course it’s what you like..”

I sit between them on the sofa and pour them each a glass of wine. “So gentlemen, this is how it’s gonna go. I’m going to kiss each of you, then I want you to take turns removing my clothes. I’ve never been with two men before so tonight is a first.  Well start off slow and see where this night takes us. Does that sound fair?” They nod in agreement and I turn first to Jack. I’ve been thinking of those lips since I spotted him across the room and the kiss doesn’t disappoint. They are full and firm, his tongue slips easily into my mouth, and I feel a tingling between my legs that reaches down to my toes. Frank is next, and once again I feel a jolt. They kiss differently but it’s good. I like the sensation of going between the two of them, feeling four hands caressing my body as my mouth explores theirs.

I stand up and get on my knees, my hands grabbing each of their cocks under their jeans. They are hard, excited, already turned on. “Unzip them” I instruct, as they eagerly comply. “Remove your boxers, I want to see what your hiding underneath” They stand there, naked from the waist down, two of God’s perfect specimens waiting for me to play. I grab Frank first, placing his rigid member into my mouth, my tongue swirling around the tip then moving further towards his shaft. Jack is firmly ensconced in my right hand as my fingers explore, squeeze and move.

I switch them up moving from one cock to the next, my hand substituting for a mouth when I am busy with the first. I’m so wet that my panties are completely soaked, I know I want them, need them now. “Undress me” I command, standing still as strong hands rip and pull at my clothes. My dress, my bra, my panties make their way onto the pile on the floor. I stand naked before them, allowing them to soak in my body, as they decide what to do next. Jack makes the first move, grabbing me like a doll, picking me up and laying me on the couch. He buries his head between my legs, his mouth exploring me from the inside out. Frank moves to the front of the couch, placing his cock inside my mouth. I am overwhelmed with sensations, and it feels fucking great. The switch spots and suddenly Frank is filling the space where Jacks head once was. His technique is different but nice. Tongue flicking over my clit, fingers deep inside. He suckles on my lips, the pressure bringing me closer and closer to the edge. Jacks removes his cock from my mouth and leans in for a kiss, our lips meet and I explode. Spasm after spasm rocks my body as Frank continues to eat.

I can’t decide which one I want inside me first, fuck I want them both. Frank takes the lead sitting me up and turning me around. He pushes my breasts into the cushion as he enters me from behind, Jack holding my hair as he guides his cock in and out of my mouth. They switch and Jack enters me, his cock long and thick, filling me up. Both boys are playing with a loaded deck and it feels amazing.

I want them both inside me, and I want them now. I tell Jack to sit on the sofa, and I lower myself on to him, feeling my ass expand with his girth, I grab Frank and have him face in front of me, guiding him inside. I can barely move, both of their cocks filling my insides making me scream with delight. Frank begins to move, and his movements guide my hips onto to Jack. Jack kisses the back of my neck as Frank kisses my lips. My arms are around Frank’s back, my nails digging into his flesh. I’m going to cum again, I can’t stop. Harder, faster, the three of us move as one, a beast with 6 arms and legs. My juices drip down my thighs soaking Jack’s lap. One by one they cum with me, their seed filling both of my holes. We lay there for a moment, bodies entwined, trying to catch our breath.

I kiss them both and smile, wiping sweat from my brow. We slowly release one another standing up and finding our clothes. It’s been the best birthday of my life. We chat for a while before I notice the clock. It’s 3 a.m. and I need to get some rest. I walk them to the door, kissing them both once more. “Thank you for making my night special” I tell them, “You both absolutely rock”. I shut the door behind them and change into my pajamas, let down my hair. Tomorrow is the bake sale for the PTA and I need to sleep. “Happy birthday” to me I whisper as I blow out the candles and turn out the light. “Happy birthday to me indeed”.


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