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Good Girl Behaving Badly

Last night I did something that “good girls” just don’t do. I lived out a fantasy I’ve had for as long as I can remember and had amazing sex with two guys. I am still having a hard time wrapping my head around all of the things we did, still smiling at the thought.

Since I had written my fantasy earlier in the week I thought it would be fun to add some of the elements from it in my own experience. I bought a cute black lace dress, it reached my ankles but the skirt underneath stopped at my thigh. I put on white panties and a bra, a very innocent contrast to the dress. I wore bright red lipstick and left my long hair down.

My boyfriend and I sat at the bar waiting for our friend to arrive. Good looking, fit, smart and fun, just the kind of guy I’m turned on by. We must have made quite the trio in the bar, if anyone had noticed they would have seen my foot creeping up my friends leg and my hand on my boyfriends thigh! Subtly is not always my strong suit when I’m turned on and I was enjoying teasing them both a bit in public as we talked.

One margarita in to our conversation I was pleasantly buzzed and eager for our fun to start. We chatted for awhile at our table then decided to head over to the room our friend had obtained for the night. My boyfriend forgot something in the car so our friend and I headed up first and as soon as we were in the elevator he grabbed and pushed me up against the wall kissing me hard. I felt an immediate rush between my legs, felt my panties getting wet. Chemistry is great thing and when you have it, even a kiss can ignite sparks. We made our way into the room and got comfortable, removing our shoes and settling in. I found a station on my phone that played some of my favorite artists and took a minute to breathe in what was about to happen. I was excited but nervous too. It’s one thing to fantasize, another to bring it to life.

After all three of us where in the room, we took a seat on the bed and began to talk, sipping on the drinks we had poured. Before too long they were both touching my thighs and arms and I felt tiny electric shocks. I honestly don’t remember who started what first but before I knew it was laying on the bed, fingers and mouths exploring my body as I closed my eyes. A face between my thighs as another was locked on my lips. It’s a strangely disorienting sensation to have someone eating you out while being kissed. You don’t expect it and your brain has to process which sensation to focus on. The feel of their finger tips on my body and inside of me was exhilarating.

Soon we were all naked and I was struck at how comfortable I was with them. Three adults in a hotel room without a stitch on and there was no embarrassment or shyness, just an appreciation for their forms. I didn’t know who to touch first or next! I was the fat kid locked in the candy store overnight not knowing which treat to eat first. I took turns fucking each of them, sucking on the others cock. I closed my eyes so I could only feel the sensations as they washed over me in waves. On top, on my knees, on my side, it was like a naked game of twister and we kept spinning the board. Cock inside me and in my mouth, then lips were a cock had been. Hands exploring, squeezing, pinching, touching, my flesh was on fire and alive.

One thing I wanted to try, knew I needed to try was DP. It is something I have fantasized about for years and have substituted dildos with in my one on one play. Now here I was with two hot, hard, eager to please men, not a dildo in sight. My boyfriend, being taller took me from behind. I straddled my friend guiding him inside of me while my ass was presented to the air. The moment my boyfriend slid inside, I had to stop myself from screaming out. Two long, rock solid cocks deep inside, our bodies moved like a 6 legged centipede. We found a rhythm moving back and forth till orgasm was inevitable for all. My legs shook and my body felt numb in that mind blowing just had an orgasm kind of way, while my brain took snapshots of that moment to preserve for life.

We fucked for hours last night, 3 to be exact, and by the time we said our goodbyes I was weak in the knees. We all came multiple times and in between we talked and laughed. There was an ease to our union that I thoroughly enjoyed. When we got home, so turned on by the evenings events, my boyfriend and I had sex again and again, whispering to each other about what had transpired. We felt high and kissing was the drug. We couldn’t get enough of one another, I had the need to have him inside over and over again.

When I woke up this morning, with a huge smile on my face, I realized something very important.The code that we have defined in society, the moral construct of who is good and who isn’t is entirely and patently false, at least when it comes to sex. At the end of the day I still have the same big heart, the same dreams and goals and mind. I am still kind and loving and still try to do my best to leave the world a little better for being in it. I just happen to like sex that is a little off the beaten path. Having the attention of two attractive men who worshiped my body and made me feel sexy, wanted, alive. In that moment, for that night, I was Aphrodite and my body the temple waiting for an offering. We shame women for their fantasies, we make them feel dirty or bad if they share them. A woman is supposed to be sexual but only for the satisfaction of her man. Most men would never shun a woman who sleeps with another for the sake of her guy but if she chooses to have the focus on her then she must be warped. It was liberating to live out something I’ve thought about for years and feel no shame or remorse.

I am most definitely a “good girl” the kind you can take home to your mamma and take out for a fancy dinner on the town. I’m also a “naughty girl” too. The one who will invite her male friend into the bedroom and let you fuck her till were all cross eyed. It was an experience I will never forget and if I’m lucky one I will repeat sometime soon. We all have a little “freak flag” inside of us, in my 40’s Ive decided I’m ready to let mine fly.

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