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The Education of Victor

Tricia took at a look at her calendar. She had an appointment for 7 p.m. This one was an in-call, she would go to him. She always dressed more casually when she went to a hotel. Her time in the industry had taught her a few things and the most important was to blend in. She chose a cute strapless dress with a flower pattern, paired it with just under the knee brown leather boots. A chunky necklace and a slim belt added to her look. Anyone who glanced her way would assume she was a young woman, entering the hotel to see her boyfriend or husband. Underneath she put on a red, lacy pair of panties, forgoing a bra. In her experience the appointments under 2 hours always resulted with her clothes on the floor fairly fast. Time, in her line of work was indeed money and the shorter sessions went by fast.

At precisely 7 she knocked on the door, and had to hide her surprise. The man who opened it looked like a fresh faced teen, for a moment she was afraid she had the wrong room. He had black wavy hair  and thick black glasses that did nothing to hide his baby blues. Dressed in a sweater with a white cotton t-shirt underneath and blue jeans. He was cute and very, very shy.

“Victor?” she asked, “Hi I’m Tricia, nice to meet you”. she said. He took her hand and offered her a seat, nervously stirring the straw in his oversized glass. “Hi Tricia, nice to meet you too. I’m glad your real. I was really worried you might not look like your photos”.

“Oh sweetie I’m real alright” she said with a smile. “Now come on, sit next to me, lets get to know each other and relax a bit”. He pointed to the counter showing her the stack of liquor bottles and soda laid out in a row. “Would you like something to drink?” he asked, “I make a mean Long Island Ice Tea”.

“Sure” she replied, “I’d love one”. Tricia had found in her experience that sipping on a drink with a client helped to put them at ease. She never had more than a few sips, long ago learning the art of making it look like she was drinking even if she was not.

After he made her drink he sat in the oversized leather chair, fiddling with his hands and straw. “Your nervous aren’t you?” she asked. “Yes” he replied, “it’s been a really, really long time”

“Have you ever done this before?” she asked, “Used the services of someone like me?”

“No” he meekly replied, “This is a first”

“Well then, ” she said, “we will take things slow and go only as far as your comfortable ok?” He smiled at that and Tricia smiled back. He was cute and she was determined to help him enjoy his experience however she could.

“So tell me about yourself Victor. It helps to get to know someone a bit” she said.

“Well, I travel a lot for work and it’s been a long time since I’ve been in a relationship, 7 years to be exact. I’ve finally decided that the best way for me to get back out there is to shake off my nerves. I thought this might be an easier transition than going to a bar first”.

“Of course, I understand that. I do have to ask you though, you know how old I am correct?” This was a first for her, most of her clients were her age or older, she needed to be certain he was ok with the fact that she was 40, a far cry from his 27 years.

“Yes, I do”, he said. “I thought an older woman with more experience would be good for me. I’m certain you’ve seen I’m shy and I’ve been told that a woman in her 40’s is not as inhibited as girls my age”.

“Absolutely true my dear man.” she replied. “I have found that life has only gotten better with age and it will for you too. Come closer, let me see that tattoo that’s peaking out from your shirt.”

He moved closer to her and Tricia rolled up his sleeve, her fingertips gently grazing his arm as she watched goosebumps erupt on his flesh. “Tell me the story behind it…”

As he told her about his tattoo, Tricia quietly ran her fingers up and down his arm, feeling him relax under her touch. His body language began to change as leaned in more and slowly began to stroke her leg. “Do you have more?” she asked. “Yes, but they are under my shirt on my back and chest. Want to see?”

She smiled as she nodded yes, realizing she had found her in. So long as he was chatting and showing his ink, he wasn’t overthinking her presence or what was coming next. He slowly removed his sweater then his shirt, standing bare chested in front of her as she took him in.

As he spoke, Tricia leaned in, gently kissing his neck then his chest as her fingers traced lazy circles around his back. She felt him loosen in her arms, the nerves he had earlier falling away into the wind. She stood from her chair, and kissed his lips. They were soft and hesitant at first but soon shifted as he began to respond to her mouth on his.

“Wanna go to the bedroom?” she asked. He simply nodded in return, taking her hand and leading the way. She turned on her radio and sat on the overly soft hotel room bed. Patting the spot next to her, she beckoned to him to join her and relax.

Slowly she went, kissing him on his face, his neck. Letting the moment build, she touched him along his body through his remaining clothes. She removed her dress, sitting only in her panties, her breasts bare, nipples hardening with the cold. He took in the sight of her, his eyes becoming fingers that touched every part of her with a glance. “It’s ok to touch me” she said, “take your hands and explore”. Hesitant at first then with more confidence he began to trace the outline of her body with her fingertips, telling her she was beautiful as he showed her how he felt with his touch.

She laid him on his back and unbuttoned his pants, helped him out of the remainder of his clothes. He lay there, naked on the bed, his cock hard and at attention, his eyes never leaving hers. “Kiss me” she said, and he complied, his arms wrapping around her waist tight. She removed her panties, tossing them onto the floor, then climbed on his lap, rubbing her body against his as his hands entwined themselves in her hair.

“Are you ready?” she asked, he nodded yes. She placed him inside her, her hips thrusting back and forth, as he watched her body undulate above him. Subtly she took his hands, placing them on her breasts, encouraging him to take charge and claim her body in the moment for his own.

She climbed off of him and lay on her back. “Come here” she said, as she guided his face between her legs. “I want you to taste me”. He was hesitant and a little unsure but he began to explore his with his tongue. “Good,” she told him “Not too much pressure, use your lips. I want you to lightly suckle my clit”. He took direction well and soon his shyness wore off as he found his own rhythm with his mouth. Tricia’s hips began to move in response, her hands found their way into his thick hair, holding his head in the right places as she began to feel waves of pleasure creeping up her toes. She was close to orgasm when she stopped him and turned him over once more on his back. She wanted to cum with him, a synchronistic moment of pleasure.

She watched his face through eyes that were partially closed, took in his features and the smile forming on his lips. It was all a little strange for her, being with someone so young, but she was determined to give him an experience he wouldn’t soon forget. Gently she leaned in and kissed his lips, whispering in his ear “In this moment, you belong to me and I belong to you. Let yourself go and cum with me”.

Harder she began to thrust her hips down onto him, taking him deep inside, her fingers digging into his chest. Her breasts swayed to the rhythym and she was encouraged to find his hand reaching up on it’s own to caress them. He was close, she could sense it and she began to move her hips forward and back, letting his cock explore her from every angle. His breathing quickened, his heart rate began to speed up and she knew he was about to find release. He pushed his hips ups in one final motion, his seed spilling into the condom and his body began to relax.

She lay there for a moment, allowing him to feel her body pressed against him as she kissed his lips and his neck. The silence was broken by the alarm letting them both know their time together had come to an end.

Gingerly she got dressed, taking her time as he watched her from the bed, his body covered by a thin sheet.

“I hope you enjoyed yourself Victor” she said. “If you would like to see me again, you know how to get in touch.” She grabbed the envelope of cash he had placed on the table and placed it in her purse, then walked back to the bed to to tell him goodbye. “Sweet dreams” she said as she kissed him once more and walked out the door.

As she started her car and lit a cigarette, she took a deep breathe and allowed herself to reflect on the moment and what had transpired. She never knew who she was going to meet when she walked through a door. She had officially become a “cougar”, something she had never really contemplated until that day. This experience, she thought, had been an education for them both.

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