The sky is pitch black, the sun has long set on the day. We hop onto the ATV’s, my arms wrapped around his waist tight. Today was my first experience on one and it was both thrilling and terrifying all at once.

I feel so alive, almost electric, my smile hard to contain. We are with new friends who’ve invited us to join them on their camping excursion in their tiny slice of Paradise. This is our second outing of the day, having recharged from an afternoon exploring the woods and the river beds hidden deep inside.

We drive through an old junkyard, my eyes becoming saucers as I take in the sights. An old abandoned VW bus is illuminated by our headlights. My mind begins to race. Did it make it to Woodstock? Did hitchhikers, thumbs raised high, duffle bags slung over shoulders ride inside? We pass a tiny camper, the kind built for two. I can imagine a newlywed couple spending the night in there, on their first jaunt out as man and wife. Did they make mad, passionate love inside the creaky bed, or light a campfire and gaze at the stars right outside their door?

We make our way to an area completely abandoned by others, a hidden spot that is only known to our friends. The hill to get down is utterly terrifying and my scream echoes into the night. We land on soft, un-trodden sand and it takes a good 10 minutes for my heart to cease it’s race out of my chest.

Music flows from the portable speaker we’ve brought on our journey and we place a small lantern into the sand. It is the only light on this moonless night save for the twinkling of a million stars overhead.

He grabs my hand and leads my off the bike, takes me to an area a little away from our friends. He wraps his arms around me, warm, strong, muscular ones that make me feel safe and at peace. “I want to show you something” he whispers in my ear, as his lips graze the side of my neck. “Look out into the trees” he says.

I do and my breath catches in my throat, as I immediately feel a sense of wonder and awe. Thousands upon thousands of lightening bugs dot the trees. It is as if God has turned on the Christmas lights in June. Goosebumps raise on my flesh and I wipe a tear from my eye. In that moment I am one with the Universe. Completely in tune to the magic that surrounds us but that we rarely ever have the chance to see.

I can only utter “amazing” as I try to process the brilliant show being played before my eyes. I turn to him and stand on my tip toes, he is so much taller than me. “I love you” I tell him, “Thank you for a perfect night”.

He kisses me softly then with abandon and electricity races down into my feet. The music on the radio has changed, it is something sensual and slow, and my body responds to it’s beat.

We make our way back to the ATV, our friends already sitting on theirs. 6 people, 3 couples, sharing a moment with one another in a singular space in time. He straddles the machine and I climb on his lap, my kisses turning more urgent with every second that ticks by. I can feel him growing hard beneath me, his desire hard for him to contain.

He unbuckles his shorts and lowers them to his waist, I remove my white cotton panties, casting them into the sand. I straddle his lap, my eyes never leaving his as he enters me my teeth biting my bottom lip. I glance out into the barely lit darkness and notice our friends have had a similar idea. One woman is bent over her bike, her ass in the air as he guy enters her from behind. The other is leaned back on the seat, her man exploring between her thighs as her legs curl around his head. My attention is drawn back to my own man whose lips are now biting softly on my neck.

He re-positions me over the top of the bike, taking me from behind. My dress still on but raised above my hips, the wind biting into my naked skin. I have to hold back the moan of pleasure that wants to escape my lips, knowing in this place we are in it will echo deep into the night.

I grab the handle bars with all my might, steadying myself as he thrusts deeper inside. I can feel my orgasm building and know it’s only a matter of time. My body shudders with release and I begin to relax, feeling his weight lean into me as we catch our breath and come back to a different state of mind. One of the couples has wandered further down the beach, the other couple is still on their ATV, the sound of their bodies meeting resonating in what I’ve come to think of a sacred space.

We remove the remainder of our clothing and walk naked hand in hand across the soft sand, letting it sink into our toes as our feet touch the cool water beneath. He wraps me in his arms once more and kisses my face and I tell him I love him with all that I am.

In all my life, in all the people I’ve met and the lovers I’ve chosen, he by far has been the best. Not because of the act of sex, but because of the time and memories he chooses to create. We walk back to our bikes and put our clothes back on. It’s almost 1 am and it’s time to head back for the night.

We’ve had several swinging experiences together but none quite like this. It is sensual, erotic, a throw back to the days of old when people experienced life together in a different way. As we ride back I wrap my arms around him tightly, my face pressed into his back, taking in the scent of his skin as the air whips my hair around my face.

I never knew a year ago I would find myself one night in the woods with 5 other people and would have one of the best one on one experiences of my life. Life is a lot like that ATV ride into the woods in the dead of night. Unexpected treasures lay around every bend, we only have to be brave enough to take the path not taken and blaze the trail instead.

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