relationships / romance / short / short stories


“I’ll never love again” she exclaimed to no one, anyone, who would hear her cry. “It’s pain, it’s lies, it’s being hurt and cast aside. I don’t ever want to experience it again”.

She repeated this so many times she began to believe it, working hard to form a metal cage around her damaged pieces trying to keep them inside.

Then he showed up. Gentle, kind, warm and loving. Someone she never expected nor even thought she might want. The more time she spent with him, the more certain she became. Till one day her mantra of “I’ll never” turned and shifted like sand to “I am”.

She needed to be certain though, needed to know this wasn’t some terrible and grave mistake. She came to him, the fragmented pieces of heart clenched inside her tiny fist. “I’ve been carrying these pieces for so long and I don’t know anymore how to make them fit back together.” she said.

He stretched out his own hand to receive her gift the pieces of her broken heart cradled gently like a newborn lamb. He held them there and with tenderness and care began to stitch them back together until one day the pieces once again fit.

Her trust no longer needed band-aids, her wounds had stopped seeping pain and loss. The cracks slowly filled with joy and laughter and love.

She rested her head at night on his shoulder, her fingers tracing a delicate line down his own. “This is what love is supposed to feel like” she thought. “I’m in love” she exclaimed to no one, anyone, whenever she got the chance. “It’s peaceful, it’s happy, it’s filled with laughter and trust and honesty and finally after one hell of a journey to find it, it’s mine.”

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