BDSM / sexual / sexuality / short stories

Hidden Chapters

The package arrives at my doorstep. A cream colored box with black satin ribbon tied in a neat bow. The card attached simply says: “Open me”.

My heart races with excitement, my fingers eager to reveal the secret inside. Carefully I untie the ribbon, lifting the lid. Cottony soft tissue paper encases the surprise and I have reverted to a child at Christmas eager to see my new “toy”. I gasp when I lift the dress from the box. It’s stunning. A beautiful, beaded black gown made of a fabric so delicate I am afraid it might rip. Underneath is a simple silver chain adorned with a brilliant diamond, and earrings that match. Tonight is a special night and I cannot wait to dress up for him.

I make my way into the bathroom and start the shower, the mirror fogging up with steam. Stepping inside I’m enveloped by the heat, a blanket made of water holding me in it’s embrace. I begin to shave making sure that I am smooth and hairless, the way he likes. I smile when I think of him telling me how the only hair he likes are the long, wavy tresses that adorn my head.

I’m reluctant to leave the waters warmth but there is preparation to do for the night ahead. Skin still steaming, I rub the body oil that he purchased for me into my skin, the smell of vanilla with a touch of lavender reaching my nose. Naked I pad to my dresser, gingerly looking through my lingerie draw, seeking the perfect match for the beautiful dress. I settle on black silk panties with a tiny pink satin bow on the front. Its a merging of innocence and sexy, a combination he adores. Thigh highs come next, the kind with the line down the back, attaching them to garters, securing them in place. The dress fits like a glove waiting on a hand, hugging me in all the right places, showing off my curves and bottom. It dips low in the back and the air is pleasant as it moves across my exposed skin. The final touch are the heels he bought on our last outing, “I love your tiny feet” he exclaimed. “They should be showcased in something as gorgoues as you”. I had blushed at his compliment then smiled as we walked out the door, my feet walking on what felt like pillows with heels.

One final glance in the mirror before heading out the door and I know he will be pleased. I know longer look like a college girl with her hair in a ponytail and makeup free. I feel like a Goddess in the flesh and I can’t wait to see the reaction my transformation brings.

The car arrives to pick me up, his driver, a tall, bulky silent man, comes around to open the door. The look on is face when he sees me tells me I’ve hit my mark. He leans in and kisses me on the cheek, slipping the envelope with cash discreetly into my hand. I don’t count it, there is no need, we’ve been doing this for a long time and have developed trust. For the next 4 hours I am his and his friends will meet the girl “he met at the coffee shop”.

A few hours in we will politely dismiss ourselves and head back to the room he’s prepared. He will take his time to undress his “doll” seeing the surprises I’ve worn underneath. I will lay him on the bed and remove the dog collar I’ve secured in my purse. Placing it around his neck, he will spend the rest of our time on his knees, obeying my commands and doing as I ask.

It is the nature of secrets, the games and hobbies people have. No one knows he pays me, no one knows what comes when we leave. It’s what they say about not judging a book by it’s cover. You never know what’s in the pages, especially the hidden ones written by bodies in the dark.

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