short stories

Making Memories

Claire and Stuart drove down the dark, winding road. Their fingers were interlinked. Silence filled the car as they were each lost in their memories of the events earlier that night. Had it really happened? Had they just fucked another couple? They knew it might happen, had planned on going with the flow and seeing where things led but the reality was crashing down on them full force.

Claire thought about Peter and how different his hands had felt on her body, exciting and new. Her minded drifted to Susan and how soft her lips were on her own, how her firm, large breasts had felt beneath her fingers as she had gently squeezed. There was such chemistry between the four of them and it hadn’t felt weird or strange as she thought it might. She had gotten a thrill, watching Stuart and Peter with Susan, seeing them both standing over her as she placed each of their cocks in her delicate little mouth one by one. Clair had gotten to her knees and kissed each man, allowing the sensations of their different lips, different tongues to wash over her in waves. At one point the four of them had come together, a tangle of arms, lips, legs and hands. It was hard to tell where one body began and the other one ended. They had interchanged partners, touching and kissing, exploring one another in their sacred spaces. Claire’s arms filled with goose pimples as her brain replayed the scene in the bedroom again and again.

Stuart was lost too. He kept stealing glances at his wife, looking at her through fresh eyes. She was so tiny, a slip of a thing, and she looked almost childlike with her knees hugged to her chest in the passenger seat, her eyes closed with a slight smile on her face. He knew she was thinking of what they had done and so was he. He was processing how he felt about the night, and was surprised to find that rather than any twinge of jealousy, he was simply turned on. His cock began to stir as he glanced at her, his mind wandering back to her on the four poster bed. She and Susan kissing, their lips locked onto one another as their hands explored. He stood there at the end of the bed, watching his wife grind her hips into her friend, as Peter slipped his fingers inside of her and she arched her hips up begging for more. Peter grabbed Claire from behind, thrusting his cock deep inside, the strap on that Claire was wearing now buried inside Susan as the three of them began to fuck. He had moved to the head of the bead, allowing Susan to place his swollen member deep in her mouth. Leaning over he kissed Claire as Peter continued to take her from the back. As her orgasm began to take hold, she opened her stunning hazel eyes, mouthing “I love you” to him as her body shook.

It was suddenly very hot inside the car and he rolled down the windows to allow the cool night air inside. He watched the wind whip around her long brunette hair and in that moment he had never wanted her more. His hand let go of hers and instead made it’s way to her milky white thigh. He gently traced circles on her leg as his fingers inched their way up her dress. He found his way to her panties, discovering they were already soaking wet. He placed his fingers inside of her, the sounds of her moans making him wild. Claire bit her bottom lip, raising her hips to allow his fingers deeper inside.  “Pull over” she whispered. “I don’t think I can wait till we get home”. He drove until he found a country road dotted with cornfields, no lights or houses in sight. He pulled a ways in, satisfied that the six foot high corn stalks would provide ample cover from prying eyes. Claire opened her door and motioned for him to join her outside. She slowly removed her dress, standing naked before him under the stars, awash in the moonlight. She looked like a Goddess come to life. He raced to her, not willing to wait a moment longer, he scooped her in his arms, allowing her legs to wrap around his waist and placed her on the hood of the car. Covering her in kisses from head to toe, he removed his clothing, his cock rock hard and standing upright. In seconds he was on top of her then inside of her, her silky warmth sliding over his cock and she held him tight. They moved together in sync, fast and hard, their excitement with each other and what had transpired earlier building into a crescendo of need and want.

They came again, for the third time that night and lay for a moment in each others arms savoring the evening and each other. When they met a few years ago, neither of them understood what it truly meant to be with the “one”. Failed relationships, heartache and heartbreak had made them both cautious and skeptical that it could exist. Yet now, laying naked on the hood of their car, listening to the sounds of crickets as they watched the stars above, they knew, without a doubt they had been wrong. Somehow, they had found one another and every experience and moment told them that this was what life and love were all about.

“Let’s go home” Claire said, as she stood up and put on her dress. Stuart put his clothing back on and walked around to her side opening the door. He glanced at the stars and said a silent prayer of thanks to whomever might be listening in the vast expanse of sky. Memories, he thought, are what living is all about. Looking at her through the window as he made his way to the drivers side, he realized that he had found the woman he was meant to make them with for the rest of his life.


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