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Good Girl Behaving Badly

The music is loud and pounding through my ears. A sexy reggae beat that makes me want to get up and move my body. I grab his hand and lead him to the dance floor, my hips swaying to  the rhythm as it flows down my body making me move. The night is electric with the energy of bodies surrounding us from every side. I feel beautiful, wanted, and completely in the moment alive. Tonight we’ve dressed to the nines, for no other reason than we could. I’ve had a few chocolate martini’s and the alcohol is coursing through my veins.

My black dress clings to my legs as the night air creeps under it cooling off the heat that is rising between my legs. My body presses against his and he leans in for a kiss. I stand on my tiptoes to reach his mouth, his lips bearing down on mine. People are watching but I don’t care. It feels as if there is no one else around us as my body responds to his touch.

“Let’s get out of here” I tell him when I come up for air, “I want to be alone with you”. His eyes gold like the sunset shine and he eagerly agrees. We walk away from the dance floor and head out to our car, my hand entwined in his. “I’m gonna take you somewhere different” he says. I readily agree. He has a way of bringing out sides of me I didn’t know I had and I’m always anxious to see what adventures we can have.

The drive doesn’t take long, the shop is a few blocks over from the club. A nondescript building in the center of town, it shuns attention but everyone knows whats contained inside. We walk in and show our ideas, purchase coins to allow us entrance into the back room. “You go into the room first”, he says, “I’ll follow in a few”. We know what we are about to do can get us in trouble if we are caught, but we like to take chances, he and I. I walk up to the counter and a tired employee who seems like she’s seen it all, hands me my tokens that will allow me inside. I suppress a giggle when I think of what we must look like to her. A clean cut, well dressed couple in their 40’s, entering her sex shop in the middle of the night. How odd we must seem and I can’t help but wonder how often couples like us make these visits, when they want to be a bit naughty on a weekend.

I walk into the curtained off room and my stomach gets a little tight. I’ve never been to the back room of a shop and my curiosity is great. Individual booths line the walls, each with open partitions that play a wide variety of porn. There is rather odd, lonely looking man kind of lurking near the front booths. He doesn’t make eye contact with me, it seems his business in the back room is done. I casually walk around, trying to act like this is something I’ve done before, secretly wishing for my guy to hurry up.

I find something called the buddy booth and make my way inside one of them, knowing my guy isn’t far behind. I insert my coins and look through my selections, every kind of porn I’ve ever heard of us is suddenly available for me to imbibe. I settle on one of a single man laying in a bed, his long cock is limp and it peaks my curiosity. I’ve never seen a porno were the guy isn’t good to go so I know I “have” to watch. When he folds his member underneath him it suddenly dawns on me what he is about to do. He inserts his own penis into his ass and I have to close my jaw which I’m certain is now hanging on the floor. Just as it’s getting good my screen grows dark and I have to insert more coins.

I put my next round of coins in and hear a noise in the booth adjacent to mine. I push the button that says “buddy” and the now frosted glass turns clear and I see him sitting there, my amazingly, sexy, hot and wonderful guy. My attention to the oddity on my screen is gone as my focus turns to the man I love and adore. He slowly unzips his pants and unleashes his cock, touching himself as he stares into my eyes. I can feel myself growing wet with anticipation and after a moment I stand up, slowly removing the black lace panties that are doing nothing to contain my excitement. I push them up against the window for him to see, then sit back on the bench, gently spreading my legs for him to see. My fingers explore my own body, getting sticky and wet. I watch him watching me as I touch myself, giving him a private show. I close my eyes for only a moment and when I open them it is to see that he is no longer in the booth. Suddenly he is beside me in my own and without a moments thought, I get on my knees on the bench allowing him to take me from behind. He grabs my hair, making me arch my back and bites me in the hollow of my neck. My hands leave sweaty fingerprints on the now frosted over glass.

We don’t stay long, both of us very aware of the possibility of getting caught, but the excitement of the moment lasts. He leaves the back room first, then I follow, both of us trying to be casual, like we were only watching porn, not making it ourselves.

We make a purchase to commemorate our naughty night out and head back to the car. When we get home later, we will finish what we started in the seedy back room of the sex shop. I turn up the radio as we drive away, a smile plastered on my face. Good girls can be bad girls too, I think. It just takes a bad boy to show her the way.


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