Poem / Poetry

Feeding the Beast

It starts with a kiss so soft and sweet, gentle, a mid-day summer breeze

Eyes close in an instant, senses heighten and come alive.

Finger stroking skin wakes it from its slumber

It becomes aware

Hands making circles over shoulders, breasts and thighs.

Passion growing into need taken over by desire and lust.

Electric sparks shooting from pressed lips into toes.

Its mouth opens wide demanding to be fed

The merging of two bodies it sustenance

Clothing shed in a heap, bodies twisting and turning, a tangled heaving mess

It’s arms open embracing lovers dragging them down the abyss where pleasure and desire lay

Moaning, screaming, shouting, as fingers rake down backs, sweat pours into eyes

Hearts beating faster and harder, sanity becomes lost.

Swept away in the moment nothing else exists

Fed and satiated for now the beast called desire goes back to sleep

Restless and aching it will wake soon enough

It starts with a kiss so soft and sweet….

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