Poem / Poetry


Rain falls outside my window

My thoughts turn to you

I think of our last night together

The way your eyes sparkled under the lights

They are like the sun, golden and shimmering

When I look into them I see the love you feel

I feel beautiful, wanted, alive.

The tip tap on the window pane is like a song

Music that echoes the peace in my heart

I never imagined I could feel this way

Never want to feel any way else

You are like the water falling outside

Cleansing my soul, clearing my thoughts

I look at the clock and watch the hours tick by

Only a short time left till you return

My personal rainbow in the night

One thought on “Rainbow

  1. After the rain the sun peeks out and with it a rainbow ,I follow it to the end and there lies a youthful woman with auburn hair her beauty more than a man could ask for or ignore!


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