BDSM / Erotic / Erotica / sex

Chick with a D*ck

Firm breasts, taught thighs, long and silken hair. My hands explore her body and revel in the softness of her skin. My fingers glide inside of her, coming out sticky and wet. I glide my tongue along her stomach, resting my head between her milky legs. Like a snake tasting the air, I take her scent into my mouth, she is sweet, an altogether pleasant taste.

I move back up slowly, allowing my breasts to meld into hers. My gentle kisses turn rough as I get more turned on. I lay her on her back and tell her to wait, stepping off the bed and into the strap on waiting to take a ride. I stand her up and bend her over the bed, her firm ass up in the air, my hand gives it a spank. I grab her hair in my fist and lean in her into me, biting the soft hollow of her neck. A smile crosses my face as she shudders with pleasure beneath my touch.

I ram my “cock” into her, the vibrator in my other hand working her clit. She squirms and squeals offering her hips to me, inviting me deeper inside. I want in this moment to be a man, letting go when she does, allowing my seed to spill inside. Tonight I am a chick with a dick and I must admit, I like how it makes me feel.

She orgasms underneath me and I feel powerful and strong. I kiss her lips, so soft, unlike her husbands, I turn my attention to him next. I wonder what it would feel like to take control of him. Maybe on our next encounter, I just might.

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