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Forbidden Things – Chapter 1

April was bored. Her husband was working late for the 3rd time in a week, and her son was off yet again. Another long and lonely day loomed ahead of her. She sighed, tapping her nails on the counter, waiting for the coffee to brew. Her long blond hair kept falling into her face, and she reached for the ponytail holder on her wrist, throwing it in a messy bun on her head.

Ever since her son had graduated from high school, April had been in a funk. She’d enjoyed being a housewife when he was small. Days filled with the sounds of toddler laugh and mischief. They

She glanced up at the clock, only 9 am. “It’s gonna be a long day,”

Jay was dashing. A 3 piece

She went back to that evening of the photo after they had returned home. Walking in the door, tipsy from champagne that had never ceased to flow. He had grabbed her as they entered the foyer, holding her in a passionate kiss. Suddenly they had become teens, and they couldn’t contain their want. They had made love right there, on the living room sofa, clothes scattered around them like falling leaves. Later, laying naked in their bed, arms wrapped around each other tight, Jay had stroked her cheek, looking deeply into her eyes, “I love you April.” he said. ‘This is the start of something beautiful and wonderful for us. All the things we’ve dreamed of, now they will. Anything your heart desires. Anything at all” He kissed her softly and she had closed her eyes, falling asleep with dreams of the adventures they would have.

The night felt like a distant memory to her. Something that had happened in another woman’s life. Reality had set in fast. The money had afforded them luxuries, new cards, repairs on the house. Jay had even purchased a hot tub, the place they would “get away every night”. April hated that fucking hot tub most of all. It sat, covered in the yard, day in and day out, a big ugly reminder of the promises that never came true.

“God Damnit, knock this shit off. You do this all the time and for what?” she thought. She knew she was just tired. Tired of feeling alone, tired of feeling ignored and taken for granted.Something had to change; she couldn’t keep playing house.

The doorbell“Well as I live and breathe….Mitchell Franklin Roberts! Get in this house and let me have a good look at you.”

The young man complied, his smile flashing a row brilliant, pearly whites. He scooped her up in an enormous bear hug, lifting her off her feet. “Mrs. P! Man it’s great to see you,”



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