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Forbidden Things – Chapter 4

“God dammit! What have I done? Oh my God, what have I done?” April grabbed the sheet crumpled at the end of the bed and covered her body. She looked over at Mitch, laying peacefully in the bed, his naked body glistening with a sheen of sweat. “Jesus fucking Christ! April you fool. How could you be so stupid

Her internal chastising continued as she slipped her dress over her head and made her way into the hall to collect her panties and bra. Mitch was happily sleeping, a small smile on his face. She needed a moment to collect her thoughts, sort out the merry-go-round taking place in her brain.


“Mitch, Hey Mitch, can you come to the kitchen please?”

He walked in and smiled, “What’s up Martha Stewart? Are we gonna bake?” he teased. “As a matter of fact, young man, yes” she had replied, using her best “mom” voice, trying to hide her amusement. “Now get in here and wash your hands!” “Yes Ma’am” he replied, making his way towards the sink. He joined her at the counter where the mixing bowls were all set up. Flour, vanilla, chocolate chips, eggs. She had set everything in a neat little row. “Ok now,” she said, “let’s see if you remember what I taught you so long ago.”

Mitch had dutifully grabbed the measuring cup and the flour when he’d gotten a sudden twinkle in his eye. Instead of pouring the flour into the cup, he grabbed a handful and had thrown it straight at her! “Oh you little shit” she had screamed, laughter escaping from her throat. She grabbed her handful and raced around the island, ready to retaliate

nother plane. She felt drugged, not in control of her senses, her body on autopilot. Every sensation from his fingers, his tongue had left her wanting more. It wasn’t until after when they had lain for a moment, their bodies a tangled mess that the reality of what she had done had hit.

“Oh my God,” she said again and again. “Oh my God, this isn’t real



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