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Blind Date

It’s 5:00. Trina glances in the mirror and smacking her lips. It was the 5th time in the last hour that she’d done so but doing something made time feel it was moving a little faster. She was nervous. Her roommate, Jessica set her up on a blind date. All she knows is his name is Matt, and he works at the local bookstore. Jessica gushed about him, telling her how handsome he was and smart too. She wasn’t one for this type of thing but her efforts had not shown many results. She figured what the hell, it couldn’t hurt. Dinner and good conversation with a supposedly cute guy, why not.

She hated to admit how much thought she had put into her evening’s attire. Thank God she was meeting him somewhere because her bedroom looked like the floor of a Macy’s 50% off sale. All of her clothes strewn about, dresses, tops, socks. She had been in a frenzy of trying on clothes till she settled on what she now wore. Black slacks that curved her bum nicely and a baby pink Cashmere sweater, the one she swore brought her good luck. She threw her hair in a loose bun on top of her head, small tendrils escaping from the sides. Not one for much makeup, she kept is simple. Mascara, some blush and a little gloss. She wanted to present herself to him the way she was, letting him decide if it was something he liked.

As she walked to her car, the lyrics from the song “Defying Gravity” played in her head. She was a musical junkie and had seen Wicked on Broadway a half a dozen times. It seemed fitting to her at this moment as she started the ignition and began to drive. Here she was, stepping back out into the world, taking a chance. Her divorce a little over a year ago had been painful and hard. The first few months she had spent crying herself to sleep, consoling herself with Agendas while wearing her favorite torn and tattered sweatshirt. She had never seen it coming, although, in hindsight she probably should have.

After ten years together, he sat her down at the kitchen table, saying they needed to “talk.” Considering they had not done much of that in the past year, Trina’s stomach had instantly turned into knots. He had “fallen in love,” he said. He wanted out and wanted a divorce. No apologies, no regrets, no “I wish it were different” just a matter of fact detailing of the facts as he saw them, and that was that. The “woman” he left her for if you could call her that, was a 24-year-old coed in his Art History class. She had apparently come to him for tutoring then started coming for much more. Trina was bitter, hurt, angry and sad. She thought their marriage was solid if not a little dull. Blindsided, it had taken her months to accept the drastic changes in her life. They had divorced in record time, four months to be exact. He left her the townhouse they lived in and took only his clothes and books. He had been planning this for a long time, and once he finally worked up the nerve to tell her, he moved lightning fast.

Now, here she was, over a year later, driving towards Café Lomond, to meet a guy she had never met, and give this blind date thing a try. Butterflies flitted inside her belly, “What if he’s dumb, or doesn’t look like his photos? What if he doesn’t like me, or worse he does, but I don’t like him? What if he is secretly like Dexter and a psychopath?” Trina smiled a little at the last absurd thought. “Mental note,” she thought “Never binge watch serial killer shows before going on a date again.”

Her feet click-clacked on the sidewalk as she made her way inside, she steadied her nerves, took a deep breath and opened the door. She went to the host and asked if “Matt Jacobs” had arrived. The stern looking fellow, with the pencil-thin mustache and shiny bald head, looked down at his book and replied, “Oh yes, he is here, follow me please.” His voice high and nasally made Trina want to giggle. She could see him as an extra in Adams Family episode. He escorted her to an ornate glass door that led outside to a patio, brightly lit with fire lamps on the table. The salt from the ocean spray wafting from below hit her face. She caught a glance of his backside, broad shoulders, thick hair with a slight wave, what seemed to be a very muscular back. She hoped the front would match.

Her knees turned to jelly when she saw his face. Jessica had not done him justice; this guy was smoking hot. “Matt?” she asked, her voice suddenly soft, her throat dry and parched. A smile broke out on one of the sexiest pair of full lips Trina had ever seen. His right cheek had a dimple when he smiled, his eyes were soft and warm and brown, the color of chocolate, her favorite treat.

He took her hand as he stood to greet her and she felt an electric shock. “Hi, Trina. So nice to meet you. Please sit down” he said, as he pulled out her chair. She sat. Counted to 5 under her breath. “Get it together kid,” she said to herself. “He’s good looking but look deeper.” Matt began to talk and tell her about himself. The more he spoke, the more she liked him. Intelligent, interesting, engaging, he took the time to ask her questions, paid attention to what she had to say.

Over dinner and drinks, they got to know one another, learning that had much in common. The conversation flowed, never feeling paused or strange.  As the evening wore on, Trina began to feel flushed from the wine and a familiar warmth that she had not felt in a long time began to spread into her thighs. Matt ordered crème Brule for desert and Trina smiled when he held out his fork to offer her a bit. The crackly goodness of the hardened sugar and caramel was a little bit of Heaven on her taste buds, and she wanted more. “Hell,” she thought as he placed the fork to her lips once again, she wanted more of this whole evening.

After dinner was over, Matt suggested a walk on the beach; Trina didn’t hesitate to say yes. She hadn’t had this much fun in a long time, and she didn’t want the night to end. He stood from his chair and again that lump caught in her throat. He was tall, lean, muscles in all the right places. His pants stretched across muscular and toned thighs and despite herself, Trina took a quick glance at what lay in the middle. If he noticed her glancing, he was polite enough not to draw attention to it. He held out her sweater as she placed her arms inside. They walked to the enclosure leading onto the beach, and he held the gate open for her with a wave of his other arm and exaggerated silly bow as he said: “After you my lady, your kingdom awaits.” Trina found herself laughing at his silliness and couldn’t contain the smile that was determined to stay on her face. The began to walk down the shoreline, listening to the waves crash against rocks in companionable silence. She never noticed when they had first held hands, since holding his felt so right.

Matt ushered her to a soft clearing next to large boulders, removing his coat, using it as a blanket. They sat close together, knees touching, shoulders side by side. She looked up at him and said: “Thank you for a perfect night.” At that moment, she knew he was going to kiss her and when he did she lost all rational thought. No shrinking violet; she had never in her 40 years felt a kiss quite like the one she was having. Her entire body came alive; a current ran through her legs and toes. It was like taking the first hit of a drug, and she couldn’t get enough. Before she knew it she had made her way onto his lap, her hips grinding into him, her hair loose from its bun, flowing down her back. They pulled away momentarily, and Trina took a moment to catch her breath.  “Holy shit,” she thought. “What the fuck just happened?”

She felt weak in the knees. Her panties were soaked, and she fought the urge to remove her pants, riding him like a bronco at the rodeo.  “Take it is easy Trina. Slow down. He’s hot, but you can’t rush. Don’t be foolish.” Her inner dialogue was at great odds with the conversation taking place between her thighs.

She took a moment to compose herself, allowed the air to cool her burning and flushed skin. She looked up at him and saw desire. Saw want. She looked up at him and saw the need. “Fuck it,” she thought as she leaned in to kiss him once more. “Fuck being proper and fuck being prim.” Her hands became snakes, slithering and seeking, touching and probing under his shirt. His became lasso’s drawing her in, fingers finding the sensitive spots on her breasts above her shirt.

“Matt. Take me. Take me now before I fucking lose it” she said. Initially shocked at her boldness, she found her bravery growing by the second.
He laid her down on her back, stripping her pants off with one fluid motion. Goosebumps covered her flesh as she lay naked from the waist down underneath the stars. He removed his clothing, his cock, a magnificent thing, long and thick and hard. She was tiny, and when he entered her, she felt full. She coiled her legs around him, reaching her hips in the air, allowing him deeper inside. Her nails raked across his skin, leaving streaky red marks. Over and over they kissed, and the waves of pleasure undulated throughout her body. He followed soon after and they lay for a moment, completely out of breath and spent.

She thought she should clarify to him that she wasn’t like this. She wasn’t always so bold. She was worried that he would think badly of her, not want to see her again. As she opened her mouth to speak, he put his finger to her lips. He kissed her passionately before they decided it was time to get dressed. He walked her back to her car, pinning her up against her door, cupping her breast above her shirt. His voice was husky and low he said “Goodnight Trina”“Let’s repeat this as soon as possible.”

He walked away, leaving Trina with a racing heart and a wetness spreading between her thighs. Her next stop was the liquor store, to buy Jessica a bottle of wine and thank her for setting her up. Maybe, she thought, there was something to this blind date thing after all.

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