Erotic / Erotica / Orgy / short stories / Swinging

Swingers Gone Wild

It was a crisp, fall night, the kind that reminds people that long days of summer are fading fast. A quiet evening in an ordinary neighborhood lined with lovely houses and manicured lawns. Nothing to indicate that on this tree lined street of Mayfield Lane, a party was taking place that was anything but ordinary.

Matt and Jill pulled up to the house, parking behind the long row of cars. Gathering their provisions, a change of clothes, towels, drinks, they headed inside. Packed neatly in the bottom of the bag, was lubricant and condoms, good little scouts, they always came prepared.

As they approached the squeals of laughter echoed into the night. The party, it seemed, had already begun. Walking inside the tall, wooden privacy fence, a chorus of hellos followed by big, welcoming hugs welcomed them inside.

Some of the folks in attendance she knew, others she had never met, but she knew from experience, by the end, they would all be friends. She looked around taking it all in. Tiki lamps sat on the tables, providing light and refuge from the mosquitos waiting to bite. Food lined the table, and music thumped from the speakers. People walked about in various states of undress; the night was still young, she knew that wouldn’t last. Before they left for the evening, everyone would have seen her breasts, remember the tattoos on her back. Taking in the different shapes and sizes of the bodies, she felt herself relax. Through swinging, she was discovering a renewed sense of self.

She felt like a sponge, soaking it all in. It was all so different from her “vanilla” experiences. No topic was taboo, no fantasy thought of as weird. She reveled in the freedom of being authentically true. Before long the call of the pool heated to a luxurious 90 degrees was too tempting to ignore. Everyone was invited to swim, the only rule, no clothes or swimsuits allowed. Matt, braver than she was at these events, had already stripped down and dived in, his zebra print speedo outside of the water. Jill dipped her feet in then slid inside, allowing the warmth to envelop her. She discreetly removed her bathing suit placing it on the ever growing pile of clothes on the deck. She swam over to Matt, grabbing him by his waist. His strong arms squeezed her tight; he had a way of making her feel secure and safe.

She thought what and an odd but pleasant sensation, being naked under the stars with someone she loved, surrounded by other naked bodies, everyone laughing and playing. Matt kissed her, and she felt herself grow wet, the familiar electric shocks filling the tips of her toes. He did something to her she had never felt with anyone else, kissing him was her drug of choice.

As they talked, Jill felt an overwhelming sense of peace. She had spent much of her former marriage wearing a mask, hiding pieces of herself. Now she was free, unburdened from her past. Floating naked in the water, her fingers and toes touching his, she knew without a doubt, she’d found “Mr. Right.”

They went their separate ways to mingle with the other guests. Jill, deep in conversation with a friend, when she noticed Matt. He was lip locked with the beautiful brunette he had just met. Her hair hung down her shoulders; her full breasts pressed firmly against his chest. She sat and watched them, her excitement growing as they kissed.

In truth, Jill was more of a voyeur, content to watch Matt play. She loved seeing the expressions on the other woman’s face, knowing it was her man that put them there.  Always good at sharing, seeing her him with someone else always got her wet. She turned her attention back to her friend, happy to see Matt having a good time. All around people discreetly paired up, moans of pleasure began to mingle with the conversations of family, work and life.

Jill watched the couple to her left, the woman’s waist was perched on the pools edge, her legs wrapped tightly around her partner’s neck. He had his head between her thighs and she gripped the edge tightly as she cried out. She never knew what to expect at large gatherings, but, from the looks of it, this group was certainly not shy.

Jill dismissed herself from her conversation to head inside. She got as far as the red couch in the living room before being grabbed by the hand and on her hostesses lap. Four people squeezed into the cozy, seat but Jill got comfy where she was. They sat and talked for a few minutes, everyone laughing and having fun. Within minutes, however, she was naked from the waist down, her yoga pants thrown on the floor.

A woman she met, earlier that night, pulled her into a passionate kiss. Her friend slipped beneath her, making her way to the floor between her knees. Jill leaned her head back; her pussy worshiped with a tongue. She reveled in the feel of 6 hands touching her body at once. She arched her hips up, allowing the sensations to wash over her. Her eyes opened to the sound of the swinging screen door, her boyfriend waltzing inside with his new friend for the night. With a wink he declared “Damn, what did I just miss” as they walked to the rug and took a seat.

Jill took a moment to watch her boyfriend at play. He had the woman on her back; her legs wrapped around his head. Her moans made they were towards Jill and she smiled. Then they switched, with him on the ground and she on her knees, taking his sizable cock into her mouth. She glanced at his body thinking of how much he turned her on. He was lean and muscular with an ass that didn’t stop.

Another party-goer walked in and loudly declared that she needed oil to rub him down. Everyone laughed and the sexual acts stopped while conversation resumed. Jill was about to excuse herself and go back inside when more guests made their way into the living room. She stayed seated on the sofa to watch the new show that had started inches from her face. As they talked, one of the ladies, lifted her friends dress, eagerly munching on her snatch. Two more people joined in, forming a sex act conga line. While the woman on her knees went to town on her friend, the man and woman behind her explored her with their fingers. It was a beautiful sight. Jill leaned back and sighed. Girls gone wild had nothing on swingers who go wild, she thought. Good people, good laughs, fun times, she had finally found her tribe.

The night was winding down, and Jill and Matt took leave of their friends, offering hugs and kisses to all. They drove home in companionable silence, both processing the evening’s events. That night, as they lay in bed, Jill reached for Matt and gave him a passionate kiss. They made love with wild abandon, the image of Matt with his head between another woman’s legs played over and over in her mind.

The lifestyle had provided them with something that had not expected. Sharing themselves with others had enhanced and deepened their connection and love life. As Jill closed her eyes and began to fall asleep, she found herself smiling once more. Summer had come to an end, but Fall was just around the bend. She couldn’t wait to see what happened next.

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