Erotica / relationships / romance

Seasons Change

The leaves are beginning to turn colors, nature’s signal that Fall has arrived. Shades of red, orange, gold, trees become a Crayola box on display. I walk along the bank of the river, the sound of the water flowing over the rocks is soothing, peaceful. There is a chill in the air, and I wrap my sweater tighter around my waist. My eyes glance at the man walking next to me and my heart leaps. He is tall and muscular; he walks with grace. His shaven head has a bit of stubble, his beard flecks of red that dance in the waning sunlight. His eyes remind me of the weather, golden with hues of green. They seem to dance when he smiles, radiant and alive.

I hold out my hand for his, and he takes it, enveloping my fingers in his own. We walk in silence, letting the energy flow between us. We come across a log that has formed a bridge from one end of the bank to the next. He goes first, standing sure and steady, holding out his arm to help me balance.

We make our way to the middle and sit, my back resting against his broad chest. His arms wrap around me, and I feel secure and safe. He kisses the back of my neck and goosebumps flow across my skin. “I love you” he whispers in my ear, “I can’t remember what life was like before us.” I look out into the water, allowing my hair to fall into my eyes, hiding the tears that have begun to fall. It is not of sadness but joy, the kind that radiates and flows through the soul.

All my life I’ve felt lost, like I didn’t fit in. I felt like an explorer, searching for treasure, without a map. Never did I imagine that love could feel like this. Pure, simple, kind, right. I turn my head to stare into his eyes, and he leans in for a kiss.”I love you too” I tell him, “more than I ever thought possible.” I close my eyes and lean into him once more, allowing the moment to wash over me and fill my once bruised and battered heart with its healing salve.

A single leaf falls from the tree above, landing on my lap. Seasons change just like life, but some changes, but when you find the “one” that is meant to last.

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