audio / Erotic / Erotica


Take a moment and close your eyes. Imagine I am with you, in the flesh. Inhale deeply and smell my skin, a soft, subtle hint of flowers gracing your nose. Reach out your hands and touch me, the silky smoothness of my arms, the thick, waves of my hair, the tiny cleft that rests in my chin.

Look into my hazel eyes and see the want, desire, and lust reflected in them. Watch my cheeks as they flush. Move your hand over my heart, feel it beating fast. Now move down my collarbone, tracing it gently with your fingertip, rest it on my breast beneath my cotton shirt. Can you feel my nipples grow hard in response to your touch?

As you lean in to kiss me, my finger touches your lips, “Not yet,”Soon.”

I move your hands to my stomach, letting you feel the flatness of it, the muscle rippling beneath. Lower and lower you go, exploring m body inch-by-inch.

You’ve reached my inner thigh, go on, give it a squeeze. My jeans, skin tight, clinging to my body in all the right places. Do you like the way my ass feels beneath the denim? Can you feel the wetness in my panties from your touch?

I can tell you’re getting excited, your cock growing, standing at attention. You’re an eager little puppy ready to play.

Now unzip my jeans, and watch me step out of them slowly, one leg at a time. Watch as I unveil my soft, pink panties and bra, I selected just for you.

Kiss me now, allowing your lips to graze mine, forcing your tongue inside. Grab my hair and pull, locking me in your embrace. Do you feel the electricity in your fingers and toes, the little shocks to your brain?

Take me in your arms and carry me to the bed, get me naked and become Indiana Jones. I am the cave and you’re the explorer, waiting for you to discover what’s inside. Remove those pants that are in the way, stand before me naked and let me take in the glory of your body.

I’m on my knees and ready to receive, my mouth eager to taste your cock. I want you to take me from behind, filling me up with your desire. I grab the bed sheets for balance. “Harder. Harder” I cry. “Don’t stop, just like that.” This isn’t making love it’s getting fucked, and I want you, I want it all.

Listen to my voice as I scream your name in the dark. Hear the echo of my moans. My back is arched, and my hips are bucking, our bodies smashing together in a frenzy.

“Oh God, I can’t stop it. I’m going to cum” like Mt. Vesuvius I find release, shaking, weak, completely content. It’s your turn now, to join me, let yourself give in and let go. Let me feel your legs shake as your knees give out. Your seed deep inside of me, your sweat falling in drops on my back. You can do nothing but lay for a moment, as you catch your breath.

Open your eyes. Did you feel it? Do you see it? Do you want more? Lucky for you I’m far more than a fantasy, I’m flesh and blood and real.

Call me Marcia; I’ll call you mine, at least for the night. Fantasies and dreams, dreams and realities, they are all made real in the flesh. Open your eyes and see me, bring your imagination to life.

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