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Movie Night

Mark and Janna pulled up to the house and turning off the car. “Are you ready for this?” he asked her, his green eyes twinkling in the dark. “I think so” she replied, trying to calm the butterflies swirling inside her belly. Leaning in towards one another, they shared a deep kiss before releasing their embrace and heading to the door.

Shawna greeted them, ushering them in with a warm and friendly hug. “Hi” she said, “Welcome, welcome, come sit by the fire and warm up!”. They made their way into the spacious living room, tastefully decorated in hues of beige and soft blue towards the large buttery leather sofa dominating the center of the room. Sitting down on the proffered seats, they chatted while waiting for Jake who was busy in the kitchen gathering snacks and drinks. He soon came around the corner, with a tray of cheese and grapes, wine glasses in hand. Janna’s heart did a little flip as she took him in. He and her husband looked a lot alike. They were both tall and slim but muscular, both had cleanly shaven heads. They even sported similar goatees although Mark’s was auburn flecked with gold while Jakes was a salt and pepper grey. Both men made her skin flush and she found a tingly sensation beginning between her thighs.

They soon settled on to the sofa, the women sitting in the middle, their spouses on either side. The lights went out and they began their movie, sipping their wine and enjoying the movie they had picked. They sat in comfortable silence the way that friends do, enjoying the company of people they adored. As the credits began to roll, Janna looked over at Mark who grabbed her face in his hands. He leaned in and kissed her hard, and she felt electricity coursing through her toes. She was soon on his lap, her hips grinding on his jeans, her fingers slipping under his shirt. She was keenly aware of her friends watching and the thought completely turned her on. Marks hands seemed to be everywhere at once and he was tugging at her clothes, leaving them in a heap on the floor. She found herself on in her panties and bra, her skin prickling with goosebumps from the air. Eyes closed, lost in the moment, it took her a moment to recognize that there was more than one pair of hands on her body. Jake, now shirtless, his hard on straining through his jeans, was running his fingers down her back. As she opened her eyes she saw Shawna, who leaned over and kissed Mark as his hands made their way to her breasts.

They spent several minutes like that, four bodies, merging into one, exploring one another over the thing barriers of clothing they had left. Jake, grabbing her hand, took Janna over to the rug near the fireplace, laying her down on her back. The heat from the crackling fire was delicious against her skin, and she shivered with anticipation over what was coming next. His tongue flicked across her like a snake, and he stopped at her inner thigh, teasing her clit with his fingertip, making her ache for more.

She glanced to her left where Mark and Shawna were, Shawna wrapped tightly around her husband on the sofa, as Mark buried his head between her thighs. Shawna tilted her head back, her long blonde hair brushing the floor as her breathing picked up pace. Her attention was soon drawn back to Jake, as he thrust his cock inside of her, his hips lifting hers off the floor. She became lost in the moment, her nails raking down his back, her breath catching in her throat. His body so like her husbands, yet so different, felt glorious against her own and she gave into the sensations pulsing through her. When he placed her on her knees, bending her over the ottoman to take her from behind, Janna’s eyes found her husbands and they locked on each other, as their bodies gave and received pleasure from someone else. “I love you” he mouthed silently too her, and she smiled as she mouthed it back.

When it was over, and the couples had satiated their desires, they found their clothes and got dressed. They hugged one another and said their goodbyes, Janna and Mark heading to the door. This wasn’t like any dinner party they had ever been too and they both decided it had been completely worthwhile. From friends to lovers, lovers to friends, this new foray as swingers was something they were happy they had tried.

That night, not able to wait till they made it home, they pulled off the road and made love with an abandon in their car. Mark came deep inside Janna, his seed spilling into her as she clung to his back. They lay there for a moment, looking through the window at the clear sky filled with stars. “Who knew a movie date could be so much fun?” said Janna with a giggle, her nose crinkling with delight. “Who knew indeed?” replied Mark as he smiled back. Hands clasped, they drove back home, their own movie of that night replaying in their minds.


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