relationships / romance


Ask me and a thousand times my answer will always be yes.

Yes to a lifetime of your smile, your laughter and the way your eyes shine when you are happy.

Yes to days filled with thoughts of you floating through my head and nights filled with warmth sleeping in your arms.

Yes to your hand, so strong as it holds mine tightly.

Yes to your lips as the kiss mine tenderly.

Yes to the way you make me feel like I can do anything I set my mind too.

Yes to mornings in bed with a cup of coffee as we snuggle under the blankets on a cold winters day

Yes to waking at 3 am, our bodies needing one another even in our dreams, colliding like two stars in the sky

Yes to dancing in the living room and singing off key. Yes to watching a movie with snoring dogs snuggled in our laps.

In that single, solitary word, you will have a promise. The promise to love you, to cherish you, to respect you and care for you for the rest of our days.

So ask me once, twice, a thousand times. For you, for always, the answer is yes.


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