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Plumber Boy

“Damn” she thought, as the sound of dripping water roused her from her bed and into her bathroom. The steady drip, drip, drip, of water as is pooled around her toilet onto her floor, had her fully awake and pissed off. It was the second time in three months this had happened. She wanted desperately to wait till morning when she was fully awake and not so irked, but she knew by then there would be a bigger mess.

“Damn, damn, damn” she said out loud, as she fumbled through her phone and dialed the number of the plumbing service she had used before. It was 1 a.m. and she was exhausted. Thankfully there was a 24 hour service in town and she sleepily made her way into the kitchen to put some coffee on while she waited for them to arrive.

20 minutes later her doorbell rang and when she opened the door, her heart caught in her throat. She swallowed hard and hoped her face didn’t show the thoughts running through her brain. There, at her doorstep, was one of the sexiest creatures she had ever seen.

Tall and wiry with a plain white tee that did nothing to hide the muscles rippling underneath. Tight Wrangler jeans and work boots, a hint of stubble on his face. “Howdy Maa’m” he said, flashing her a row of perfect white teeth and dimple in his right cheek. “I understand you have an issue that needs fixin…My name is Matt, it’s a pleasure to meet ya”. She silently grinned inside, as she listened to his thick Southern drawl, and ushered him inside.

“I’m so sorry to put you out this late at night” she told him. “I’ve just put some coffee on, may I offer you a cup?”

He politely accepted her offer and got to work in the bathroom, while she peeked at him down the hallway from her kitchen vantage point. “My God”, she thought, “get it together girl. What you are thinking is utterly insane”.

What she was thinking, what she couldn’t stop from running through her brain, was that she wanted this man. She wanted for once to be reckless, to be brave. Always so careful to do the right thing and say the right thing, something inside her finally snapped. “Fuck it,” she thought. “You only live once, and I have to try”.

She placed his coffee on the counter next to him and excused herself while he worked, the sound of him whistling a tune while his tools clinked and clanked was soothing. Her heart racing at lightening speed, her hands shaking, she found her way into her bedroom and slipped out of her ratty, comfortable pajamas and into a black, silk nighty and satin panties. She threw on her matching robe, taking her long hair down from it’s bun, allowing it to cascade over her shoulders in soft, auburn waves. She applied a little gloss to her lips and some rose colored blush to her cheeks.

Just as she was working up her nerve to go back to the hall, she heard him call “Ma’am?” “I’m about done here. If you wouldn’t mind coming and taking a look?” She took in a deep breath and counted to three, steeled her nerves and walked towards him, an air of what she hoped was casualness about her.

He couldn’t hide his surprise as she rounded the corner. Gone was the mousy, tired eyed woman in an old college sweat shirt that had hidden her curves, standing before him instead was a beautiful lady with a very intent look in her sea green eyes.

“Ummmm…wow..uh…” he began to stammer, at a total loss for words. “Shhhh…” she said, placing a finger on his lips as she moved in close. “Listen” she told him softly, seductively. “It has been a very long time since I’ve had any release. I would like for you to give that to me.” As she spoke her fingertips traced down his chest, making their way towards his jeans, where she felt his cock, hard and ready beneath her fingers.

She kissed him, allowing her tongue to linger on his, savoring his taste. When he kissed her back with an equal passion she knew she had him where she wanted and dropped to her knees. She teased with her mouth, her fingers, her hair, growing bolder with every small moan that escaped his lips.

She stood, and untied her robe, revealing the teddy underneath. The silken material transparent in the light, showing her breasts, firm, round, her nipples hard as rocks. Lifting it slightly she watched him lick his lips as she removed her panties, leaving them on the floor by her feet.

She turned her back to him and placed her elbows on the counter top, her ass in the air, inviting him in. The sound of his zipper sliding down was like music to her ears and within seconds he was inside of her, pulling her hair as he kissed her neck. She opened her eyes and watched them in the mirror, she with this strange man who was thrusting into her like an animal in heat. It was a porno come to life and she was the star.

He grabbed her by her arms and turned her around, pushing her into his chest. In a fluid, quick motion he grabbed a towel from the cabinet and set it on the counter, placing her on top of the bathroom sink. Once again he was inside her, his lips on her mouth, her neck, her breasts. He grabbed the towel, and lifted her ass off the counter, using it as a sling to push himself as deeply as he could go.

Her legs snaked around his waist and her nails dug into his back. She couldn’t contain the moans and screams that bubbled up from her chest. “Yes” she cried “Oh my fucking God yes!” “Harder. Fuck me harder”, and he, being the good serviceman he was, complied.

Slamming into her over and over, she felt her legs growing weak and her arms began to shake. Her nails raked down his chest and as he bit her neck, she came again and again. Her hair hung limply around her face, a small sheen of sweat covered her face. Her breathing was ragged and harsh. They took a moment to collect themselves and then he began to get dressed.

When it was over, the silence hung like a damp blanket all around them. Neither quite certain what came next. She was suddenly shy, back to her normal self, the quiet and meek version who didn’t fuck random plumbers at 2 a.m. She walked him to the door and handed him the check for his repairs, kissing him softly on his mouth.

“Thank you” she said, and to her embarrassment, she felt the blush creeping up her cheeks. She locked the door behind her, turning out the lights as she walked back to her room. She took off the nighty, ensconcing herself in her comfy cotton pajamas, allowing her mind to replay the nights events, her eyes growing heavy with fatigue.

Just as sleep was overtaking her, she sat up in bed, and grabbed her phone quickly programming his number into it. She labeled the contact “plumber boy” and then lay back down. After all, she reasoned to herself, one never knew when a pipe emergency might arise and she would need to make a call.

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