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Thunder claps over head, rumbling all around. Lightening strikes in the distance, illuminating the night. My heart is keeping rhythm with the noise and I am overcome with a desire to run outside, allow myself to be one for a moment with the Earth.

I walk into the yard, the droplets, fat and thick, falling onto my face, drenching my clothes. My summer dress clings to my body, becoming sheer under the weight of natures assault. I twirl in the moonlight, removing my hair from it’s bun, allowing it to flow down my back. I tip my head towards the sky, opening my mouth and letting the raindrops fall onto my tongue. I giggle out loud, as the feeling of the grass tickles my toes.

I open my eyes and see him standing, just inside the doorway, a smile on his face as he watches me play. Gesturing with my hand I invite him to join me, to come and lose himself for a moment of impulsive joy.

He removes his shoes and races towards me, and I hear the sound of the mud squelching beneath his feet as he nears. Raising his arms he laughs as the water cascades all around, soaking him through and through.

We run through the yard like children, chasing, laughing, feeling completely unburdened and free. He reaches out for me, pulling me into his strong arms, wrapping me inside his protective embrace. He leans in and kisses me and goosebumps break out onto my flesh while small currents run through my fingers and toes. His kisses feel like the storm we are standing in. Powerful, unpredictable in their ability to strike me in the heart and make me as weak as a lamb.

Time slips away, the world with it and we stand there, our lips locked together, our hearts beating in sync. There is no one but us, a perfect moment in an imperfect world and I am content and at peace.

He grabs my hand and pulls me towards the door. Offering me a warm fluffy towel and a hot steaming mug of coffee, we sit, side by side, warming up next to the fireplace. I look at him, his face awash with the glow of the firelight and lean in to kiss him once more.

The thunder cracks over head, the lightening continues to strike. As my lips meet his, I become electrified…

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