Erotica / Poem / Poetry / relationships / romance

Wake Me

Wake me. In the middle of the night, fingertips grazing my lips.

Pull me. Deep into your arms as your as I feel your breath on my neck.

Touch me. Lift my shirt, exposing my breasts, watch the goosebumps erupt on my flesh. Move your fingers down my stomach tracing slow and lazy circles as you near my thighs. Peel off my panties, now soaking wet, the scent of my excitement invading your nose. Cup my ass in your strong, inviting hands.

Pull me. Down onto your chest, flesh touching flesh as you wrap me in an embrace.

Say nothing. Take in my kisses, allowing my kisses to fill the silence, speaking volumes across your skin.

Fill me. Place your cock, solid, throbbing and hard inside of me, rocking with me in the lovers lullaby.

Hold me. As I sigh and heave, my heart slowing down as I lay my head on your chest.

Close your eyes. Grabbing my hand in yours, as we drift back into sleep, satiated and content.

Sleep a dreamless sleep. No need for dreaming when your fantasies comes to life.

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