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Tick Tock

Sandy was on edge. It seemed the day could not go by fast enough. She glanced at the clock again, only 2 p.m. 5 hours left. Only 5 more hours and she would be in the throws of passion once more. The anticipation was making her excited and her panties were wet at the thought of his touch.

She sat at her desk and closed her eyes, listening to the rainfall outside of her window. As clearly as if she was seeing a photo in her hands, she called him up in her mind’s eye. Tall and lanky, his body was lean and ripped. The time he put in at the gym showed, and she fantasized about running her fingers down his muscular chest, her nails scraping into his tanned flesh.

There were many things she liked about his appearance but his eyes were one of her favorites. They were the color of amber, golden with flecks of brown and green that changed hues in the sunlight. Those eyes could say a thousand things to her without his mouth uttering a sound. They expressed his love, his want, and his desire. In a single glance, she could read his need without ever touching him, knowing exactly what he wanted.

She breathed deeply as the memory of him invaded her senses and she went deeper down the rabbit hole of thoughts.

Their last encounter had been mind-boggling. She had lain there; her dress hiked above her waist, her hair a tangled and knotted mess, a sheen of sweat on her forehead as she tried to catch her breath. The orgasm had been intense, her fingers and toes curling simultaneously as she had given way to spasms of pleasure. A smile had formed on her raw lips, bruised and battered from his kisses. They had made out like teenagers in her car, while his fingers had traced lines along her inner thigh, and goose bumps broke out on her flesh. Her neck had tingled in the spots his beard had scraped as he bit her and sent shock waves into her feet.

They had stumbled into the house, their hands a frenzy of touch, their lips interlocked as she fumbled with her keys. Their desire had been so intense they hadn’t even bothered removing their clothes. Hastily unzipping his fly, releasing his throbbing cock straining beneath his jeans. In an instant he had her on her knees in the living room, hiking her dress above her waist, pushing her black silk panties to the side. He had entered her from behind, her back arching and hips aching for his grip. His cock was a steel rod inside of her, all logical thought ceased as she felt the throbbing between her legs. She screamed for God, yelled out his name, begging him to go faster, harder, needing to feel every inch of him.

The sound of their bodies colliding was a symphony of lust, the sweetest music she’d ever heard. Her hands gripped the white shag carpet, as her hair tumbled over her eyes. His body was a wrecking ball and she the wall. Her eyes rolled back into her head as moans escaped from her lips. They had become primal, mating like beasts in the forest. Words replaced by grunts and groans of pleasure echoing into the night.

Nothing brought her this kind of pleasure, nor this kind of pain. Their time apart was agonizing, her body primed and ready, waiting to be filled once more. She was a slave to desire, days filled with want, knowing she would soon give in to her bodies commands.

The ringing of her phone brought her crashing back to reality. Her eyes opened with a start. “Fuck” she thought, quickly regaining her composure.She quickly remembered she was in her office and there was still work to be done. “Tick…tock…” she said silently glancing at the clock before answering her phone. Only four hours and 20 minutes left to go. Time couldn’t pass quickly enough.

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