Erotic / Erotica / sex / sexual / sexuality / short stories

Gone Camping

She sat cuddled on the sofa, wrapped in a comfy blanket, in her ratty college sweatshirt and tees. An old black and white film played from one of the VHS tapes they kept for such nights. He walked from the back room towards her, a mischievous gleam in his eye. With his hand outstretched he silently beckoned to her, as she followed him out into the night. She glanced up and saw the moon was hidden behind a blanket of clouds, minimal stars provided only a sliver of light.  It was the perfect evening for what they were about to do, the darkness providing cover from prying eyes.

They walked a few feet from their camper door to the old and worn picnic table that knew them well. He sat on the hard wooden bench and grabbed her by the waist, pulling her into his embrace. Their lips met in a passionate kiss and their tongues explored one another. Her fingers made their way under his shirt, feeling the muscles beneath as her nails drew lines across his chest. A breeze made it’s way past the canopy of trees that surrounded them and she felt goosebumps break out on her exposed arms. She fell to her knees in front of him, her mouth moving over his shorts, enthralled with the feel of his cock as it grew hard beneath the fabric and her touch.

She unzipped his shorts, pulling him through the opening and began to lick and suck, reveling in the taste of his skin as he slid around her lips. His hands grasped her head and he grabbed a handful of her hair, bucking his hips forward pushing himself further down her throat. Suddenly he grabbed her by the shoulders, ushering her up and roughly pushed her up against the end of the table, pulling her sweatpants down around her legs. He slid a finger inside her panties, rubbing her clit with his free hand, watching her squirm with delight. He pressed his hips against her back and she felt him, swollen and throbbing beneath his shorts. She reached her hand behind her to touch him but he grabbed her wrist, pushing himself harder into her while keeping her from touching him.

He slid her panties down to her thighs and within seconds he was inside her, pushing her stomach into the wood as she used her free hand to hold on. He wasn’t gentle, this wasn’t making love. This was raw and unadulterated lust, and he was rutting with her like a forest beast. Her hair came loose from its braid and fell onto the table, collecting bits of twig and leaves that had fallen from the trees above.

Their breathing came in hard, fast gasps, their sounds mingling with the crickets and bullfrogs who seemed to serenade this midnight tryst. She bit her bottom lip, desperate not to cry out, aware that sleeping people surrounded them on all sides in campers just like their own. When he slid out of her and reentered in her ass, she thought she would loose all self-control. Pleasure mingled with a tingling pain, he stretched her insides till all she could feel was him thrusting hard and deep inside of her. She held onto the table, standing on the tips of her toes as he rocked her body into an orgasm that left her weak. Yet, he continued on, despite her spasms around his cock, despite her shaky legs that now resembled a new born colt. Over and over her pounded into her,  her body flooding with a river of sensations that overwhelmed her with pleasure.

She felt his fingers dig deep into her waist and heard his breathing get harsher, she knew he was about to cum, leaving his seed inside of her, leaving the scent of him in her very skin. He rested his head on her shoulders still covered in her sweater and kissed the back of her neck. Gently he removed himself from her and she felt his release falling down her legs. He squeezed her tightly and released her, as they both silently pulled their pants back over naked waists.

He grabbed her hand and guided her back inside, and she quickly took a peek through the screen door. The bench looked no different, the night creatures still performed their serenade and as far she could tell all of the campers still lay peacefully in their beds. She closed her curtains and turned out the lights, knowing that tonight she would sleep peacefully, her mind replaying this excursion again and again.

She loved this little secret of theirs, this ritual they performed when they were free from responsibilities and work and kids, the weekends when they went camping, hiding away from the world. “The weekend had just begun”, she thought to herself with a smile. She wondered what they would get up to tomorrow night.

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