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The Conference

Samantha and her husband sat at the bar, both trying to hide their nervous anticipation. They had talked about this night for a long time. Neither really certain it would ever happen.

Their weekend get-a-way for his accountants conference was about to take on an entirely new meaning.

Sam’s phone pinged with a text. “Be there in 5 minutes” it said. She tried to slow her racing heart as she passed the phone to her husband to read. She couldn’t be certain but his eyes seemed to glint in the dim, smoke filled light.

She was sitting facing the door and making her face neutral when she saw him walk in. She breathed a silent sigh of relief when she saw he looked like the photos he’d sent. Tall and slim, with dark brown eyes and jet black hair, she watched him saunter to the table, appreciating his rock climbers physique.

“Mark?”, she asked, hand extended waiting for his his. He smiled, showing off a perfectly straight row of teeth and replied “Yes. So nice to meet the two of you face to face.”

Slipping into the seat next to her, they began to chat. Her face was soon flushed and warm as the alcohol from her chocolate martini slowly coursed through her veins.  After a time, they stood in unison and paid for their tab. They walked into the cool Chicago night, making their way towards the hotel. Sam linked her arm in Marks and demurely holding her dress with her free hand as the wind whipped it around her bare thighs. Strands of her hair flew loosely around her face and she felt her heart flutter like a humming bird in her chest.

They made it to the hotel, the three of them walking side-by-side, playing it cool in the lobby as they waited for their elevator to arrive. Her hands felt suddenly slick and there was a wetness spreading between her thighs.

She ushered them into the room,excusing herself to go an change. A pair of red lace panties with a matching bra sat on the shelf in the bathroom and she hurriedly changed. A sudden bout of shyness came over her and she grabbed a towel, wrapping it around her tight.

She took a deep breath and walked into the room, the one with the King size bed, her husband and the man she met that night. She looked them both in the eye and then dropped her towel, letting it fall at her perfectly manicured feet.

She lay down on the bed and closed her eyes. Her ears taking in the sound of a zipper coming down, jeans falling on the floor. Fingers, calloused and strong ran down her legs, stopping at her panties tracing lazy circles around her hip bones. A moan escaped from her lips and she gave into sensations that invaded her body. When Marks head found its way between her thighs she gripped him tight.

She opened her eyes and saw her husband, sitting in the chair in front of the bed. Theirs eyes met and she smiled as he watched her, getting ready to fuck another man.

Mark slipped her panties of, putting his finger inside of her, feeling the silky smooth softness within. He leaned in to kiss her, his tongue exploring her lips and she felt his cock, hard and throbbing, straining to be released.

Grabbing the condom from the dresser, she handed it to him, watching intently as he put it on.  Her entered her in a solid, take charge thrust and hands snaked around his back, fingertips digging in. She raised her hips to meet him, pulling him deeper inside. They broke away for a moment and she got on her knees arhubg her back like a kitten mid-stretch.

She looked into her husbands eyes knowing how he liked her best. If he was going to play the voyeur then she would give him a show. Her hips pushed against his hips and she listened to the sound of their bodies slamming together.

Her closed eyes popped open with the feel of a cock near her mouth. Eagerly she took her husband past her lips, tasting him, sucking him, reveling in the feel of four hands on her body, her senses about to explode.

Hands wrapped in her long hair and her throat was fucked, making her gag from the force of his desire. All the while Mark kept fucking her and she thought she might just lose her mind.

They eventually decided to up the ante and play out a fantasy she had. Her husband lay on the bed and she climbed onto his lap. He kissed her passionately, lips crushing hers as electricity ran through her feet. He was inside of her and then Mark, both men filling her to the brim. Two cocks, long, strong, hard as rocks in her at once. Her body stretching to accommodate them both. Her inner Catholic girl screamed with guilt and her inner slutty girl told her to shut the fuck up.

She gave herself to the moment, biting into the pillow to muffle her screams, not wanting to disturb the people next door. Over and over they moved inside of her, till she couldn’t take it anymore. Her orgasm crescendoed then peaked and her body spammed with relief.

They released her from their octopus like hold and she lay on her back as both men came on her stomach covering her in the warm, sticky proof of their desire.

They washed up and dressed, taking the elevator in silence each lost in thought and said goodbye to their new friend. The first of what, she hoped, was more to come.

Sam grabbed her husbands hand holding it tight, her fingertips touching his, feeling the energy that flowed between them. She could already feel her lids growing heavy knowing she would sleep soundly tonight. They climbed into their bed, oddly more empty with one less person sharing the space. “Who knew accountants had so much fun?” she thought as she settled into the pillow, covers wrapped around her tight.

She wasn’t math smart the way her husband was but was certain her new favorite number was 3.  She found a smile play across her lips as she drifted off to sleep, perhaps to replay this evenings events and what next years conference might bring.

One thought on “The Conference

  1. This is so hot! I love this genre of fantasies. You captured the woman’s sexual excitement about being with another man but also maintained the connection and love of the couple. Very arousing and realistic story.


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