Erotic / Erotica / sexual / short / short stories

Girls Night In

Jasmine and Tabitha sat on their buttery soft leather couch, feet outstretched on their ottoman, pouring themselves their second glass of wine each.

They had an early dinner and had settled into pajamas. It had been a long week for each of them and tonight was a girls night.

They had purchased all the essentials, ice cream for later with raw cookie dough, microwaveable popcorn and a favorite chick flick. The chatted about their day, sipping their wine, and giggled over stories of really bad first dates. 

Neither woman imagined that she would find herself, snuggled up under a blanket on a Friday night, pleasantly buzzed and far away from the club scene that had dominated their early twenties. Their birthdays, only a few months apart would see soon usher them into 30. They had grown and changed so much in the last few years, and tonight, they were appreciative of the simple pleasures in life.

They turned their movie on and began to settle in, curling up close to one another for comfort. The companiable comfort of best friends who felt completely at home with each other.

 Jessica laid her head on Tabithas lap, her long auburn hair spilling onto the cushion beside her. Tabitha absentmindedly ran her fingers through it, suddenly aware of how silky smooth it felt. Within a few minutes, the second glass of wine hit her and Tabitha grew impulsively bold. She ran the tip of her finger down Jessica’s face, stopping at her lips and stroking them softly.

Jessica, herself equally buzzed, closed her eyes and melted into the touch, enjoying the little sparks coursing into her toes. A contended sigh escape from her mouth as her body relaxed. When she felt soft lips touch her own, she didn’t back away but parted her lips, allowing their tongues to explore.

The movie all but forgotten, the women found themselves thoroughly entranced. Their bodies responding to each other’s touch, explorers on foreign soil, navigating without a map. 

Jessica sat up, wrapping her arms around Tabitha, her kisses growing harder, her desire mounting by the second. Her lips moved down Tabithas neck, kissing her collar bone, softly blowing on her neck.  Her friend shuddered in response while goosebumps broke out on her flesh. Emboldened by this response, Jessica moved to her breasts, her lips grazing them over her cotton top. Tabitha peeled her top off, her blonde curls falling over her shoulders in thick and heavy waves.  Her breasts where beautiful, large and firm, not yet softened by motherhood or age. She watched with curiosity as Jessica’s lips found her hardened nipples and she began to suckle like a hungry babe. Sounds of pleasure escaped her lips, as she gave into the moment and allowed her last inhibitions to fall away.

She took Jessica’s hand and slid it under the drawstring of her pants, desperate to feel her fingers on her and inside. The circular motion on her clit sent waves of pleasure coursing through her and she knew she would cum without penetration for the first time. 

Her impatience growing, Tabitha  shoved her pajama pants down around her ankles guiding her friends head between her thighs. Jessica kissed her then tasted her, wondering why she had ever been afraid or nervous about this before. 

She was sweet, like honeysuckle and her wetness coated her tongue. Tabithas thighs clenched her face urging her deeper inside as she lifted her hips. When Tabitha began to orgasm, she could feel her spasm beneath her lips and her face was squeezed tight. 

They took a moment to lay there, both uncertain of what had just transpired. It had felt so natural and right. They had been friends for such a long time and their coming together had felt like an extension of this friendship, the next evolution in their lives.

Tabitha sat up first, a mischievous gleam in her eye. She poured them each a new glass of wine, and put rewound their movie to the part they left off. She sat there, sipping her Chardonnay, her fingers lazily tracing circles on her friends hand as they began to watch their show.

Jessica had experienced something new and thought Tabitha, she would like a try. The night was still young and so where they. Who the hell needed nightclubs when they could stay in for girls night?!

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