Erotica / short / short stories / shorts

The Dance

She sat around the bonfire with her friends, her body sinking into the chair as she watched the flames flickering in front her. It had been a long, but amazing day. They had spent most of it on the pond, floating around on rafts, laughing, talking, enjoying each other’s company. After too much alcohol and not enough water, she and her girlfriends had been fortified with enough liquid courage to sunbathe sans tops. She caught herself stifling a laugh as the image of their men’s faces filled her minds eye. Not, of course, that any of them had complained but the bug eyed looks was something she would not soon forget.

Once a year they gathered in this remote and isolated spot. A weekend to get away from the worries of the world and relax. She looked forward to this yearly adventure, the time when the worries of the world melted away and she reconnected with her friends and herself.

She looked around feeling an overwhelming sense of peace and joy. Her eyes found her man, sitting in a chair on the other side of the fire, deep in conversations with friends. Everyone was talking, not a cell phone in sight. 

“This” she thought, “This is what life is supposed to be about”. A hitter made it’s way around the circle, and she inhaled deeply feeling her lungs expand with the foreign heat. She sat back, allowing the familiar, floating, hyper aware sensation to soar through her body. This one was called Fruity Pebbles and it made her body feel electric and alive. The fire seemed brighter, making the very air seem to glow. 

A song began to play from the speakers, and her toes began to tap before her feet, suddenly took a life of their own. The tribal beat was calling to her body, the drums inviting her to dance. The music was all around her, inside of her, and she heeded the call. She walked towards the deck, aware of the blades of grass between her toes. Torches lit the path and she followed the firelight, an obedient child doing what she was told.

She stopped at the beginning of the dock, taking tentative steps onto the wooden planks, feeling the sway of it from the water below. She glanced up into the night sky, her eyes drawn to the moon and the stars lining the vast expanse. She felt small and large all at once, her mind and heart connecting with something far greater than herself.

As her eyes closed, her body began to move, arms swinging over head, hips moving from left to right. She felt an energy coursing through her body like nothing she’d ever known. As her fingers reached behind her neck, untying her straps and letting her dress fall to her feet, she embraced the sensation of the air on her naked flesh.

She took her ponytail down, feeling the sensation of her hair, thick, long and heavy falling down her back. She began to spin in time to the drumbeats, her body pulsating with energy. She was unaware that her shadow was cast in the grass behind her, echoing her moves in perfect harmony. All of her awareness was on the way her body felt as mist from the pond, hit her breasts, how the air passed over her skin, leaving goosebumps in its wake. “Freedom” she thought, as she continued to sway. “This is what freedom feels like”.

Faster and faster she turned, the music moving her deeper into a trance, filling her with its sound. She had become the Goddess herself, her body and expression of the energy that flowed all around them. The rhythm was not only in the air but inside of her, part of her, her very soul on display in a dance.

As the song came to an end, she breathed deeply, slowing her racing heart. She opened her eyes to see a half dozen pairs trained on her, aware for the first time of her naked body reflected in the light. Her first reaction was shyness, but then she remembered how she had felt mere moments before. “Let them see me” she thought, as she left her dress on the deck and made her way back to her circle of friends. Slowly she took her seat, her hair covering her breasts like Lady Godiva, and she settled in once more.

Her gaze returned to the fire, the flames licking the air and crackling with heat. It was, she now knew, a small thing, compared to the blaze that burnt within her, now that she was free.

Another song came on the radio, she closed her eyes as the music filled her ears, sinking into her pores and inside her skin…her toes began to tap…

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