First Kiss

“I’ve never kissed a girl”, she whispers to me, her eyes lit with excitement as she leans in close. “Oh really?” I tell her, my lips grazing her ear as my hand strokes the side of her cheek. She is cute. A walking, talking pixie sprite with dark black hair and jet blue eyes. She has no idea the effect she is having on the room, the effect she is having on me. I pull her closer, feeling her breasts against my own, the curve of her back on my arm. My mouth slowly moving towards her cheek, my red lipstick leaving an imprint where it lands. “I think we can fix that” I tell her as I take her hand in mine, leading her to a corner of the bar and leaning her against the wall. I inhale the scent of her skin, vanilla lotion mixed with lavender and desire, taking it in like a drug.
I slowly find her lips, soft and pouty as my tongue explores her mouth. I am gentle, allowing her to take the lead, letting her have control. She kisses me more firmly, her hands snaking into my hair as she tilts my head towards her own. My knees feel shaky and my heart begins to race. Chemistry it turns out is gender blind. 
Time stands still, frozen like a glacier as the music, the crowd, the lights fade away into nothingness. I allow the current to run through me, invading my fingers and toes as I push my body into hers and feel her hands on my exposed arms. My hands cup her breasts beneath her cotton shirt and I hear her moan in response. She pushes her hips against mine and I am tempted to snake my fingers onto her thigh. 
We come up for air and the world starts spinning again, her smile megawatt and beaming in the dimly lit room. She kisses my cheek and bites her bottom lip, a shy, sexy smirk on her face.
I pull her close to me once more, giving her the number to my hotel room down the street. “Just in case there is anything else you’ve never done with a girl” I say with a wink. I smack her ass for good measure and walk back to the table with my friends. My mind going round and round like a spinning top. 
Will she come over? Where will it lead? I wonder these things as I settle into my bed, my dress tossed on the floor of my hotel room, my fingers stroking my clit, my head tossed back in pleasure, and then the bell rings….

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