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Little Red and the Wolf

The club was packed. It was Halloween weekend and all the ghouls, ghosts and goblins had come out to play.

Music thumped through enormous speakers while bodies gyrated on the dance floor. The Mad Hatter danced with the queen, the Unicorn thrust her hips against the convicts lap. It was a sea of bodies dressed like extras in every film ever made.

She walked into this scene, her heart racing beneath her cape clad breast. She had never dressed so provocatively for a party before and she was suddenly self conscious of her attire. Tonight though was about new experiences and she was determined to have fun.

She wandered through the crowd till she made her way to the back to the Beer Garden where her friends had gathered round. Shots poured freely from glass to lips and she smiled as she took them in.

These where her people, the tribe she had joined when she decided to stand out instead of worrying about fitting in.

She found herself embraced in hugs, familiar lips kissing her own as they said their hellos. She removed her large and heavy coat, silently giving a fuck you to Mother Nature and her recent schizoid behaviors. “Thank God”, she thought as the heaters welcome stream blew onto her skin. “This cold is for the birds”. She rubbed her hands together as she collected herself and sat next to a new member of their group, one who, ironically was wearing a costume that fit her theme.

“Hi I’m Betty”, she said, extending her small, manicured hand,but tonight you can call me Little Red”.

He took his hand out of his glove, placing it in hers and she was pleasantly surprised at the notable spark. It coursed through her fingertips, generating a warmth in-between her legs that had nothing to do with the heater near her feet.

“Hi I’m JP Wolfington the Third” he said “but tonight you can call me Big Bad, or Mr. Wolf, whatever you prefer”

She laughed at his silly joke and was oddly disappointed when his hand was again hidden under fur. Although she had yet to see his face, she was intrigued by this mystery man whose eyes sparkled like a blue summer sky beneath his mask. His voice was deep and rich and she tried to imagine the face that matched these two facts.

He offered her a shot then held up his glass, “To wherever the night takes us”, he said as he raised his glass to meet hers. “Here, here” she replied as she swallowed her drink.

Three shots later and a half a dozen “dance breaks” she went in search of her wolf. Her inhibitions had stayed on the dance floor and she was aiming for fun. She found him sitting in the same spot as their first encounter and stopped for a moment to take him.

His face was completely unknown to her but the plaid shirt he had on hugged real muscle and his jeans hugged a firm, well toned ass. If she was being honest with herself, she was incredibly turned on by not knowing what lay underneath.

She sauntered up to him and placed her hand around his eyes, daring him to guess. “Hey Red! Is that you?”

Suddenly without allowing herself to think, she found herself whispering “Yes and if you want to play in my forrest Mr. Wolf, follow me…”

Within seconds he was on his feet, taking her hand in his and following her lead. She led him to tiny closet near the restrooms that she had discovered by mistake. Ensuring the coast was clear, she quickly opened the door and ushered him inside.

He pushed her up against the wall and when she saw he was removing his head piece she closed her eyes. She was enjoying this little game of hers and did not want to see. He left his gloves on though and rubbed them against her body as his lips met hers.

Her knees became jelly in seconds and she wasn’t sure she could breathe or speak. She had stuck her finger in the light socket and was now being electrified.

He released her for a second, his breath matching her own ragged gasp. “Holy fuck” he said and she envisioned his smile in the dark.

He grabbed her shoulders and spun her around pushing her chest into the wall. In one swift movement her tights where around her ankles, her panties pushed to the side. Her red dress and crinoline where hiked above her waist.

She heard his gloves hit the floor and then his zipper come undone. The crinkle of the condom wrapper sent a shot of adrenaline through her as he pushed against her thighs.

He had become her wolf, bending her forward and spreading her legs thrusting himself deep inside. His lips found her shoulder and his teeth sank into her flesh, as she screamed in delight.

Over and over he pounded into her, his body moving in a cardinal dance of lust and desire. The 9 inch nails song “Animal” pumped through the vents and their movements became frantic and raw as their bodies moved in sync.

Her nails ran across the concrete wall as she bit her bottom lip. She came over and over, her body quivering as she held the wall for support. He joined her shortly after and they stood, his lips on the back of her neck as they tried to catch their breathe.

Quickly they redressed, theirs bodies, his face, a mystery to the eyes, yet intimate lovers with their hands. She walked out first, then him, making their way back to their friends.

The shots contributed to flow and the night wound down to a close. People gathered round to say their goodbyes. She didn’t know his name, didn’t know what he looked like, yet tonight, well, she had the time of her life.

She grabbed her coat and wrapped herself tight, the soft warm fur sending a sudden shiver to her thighs. She walked out into the night, a smile crossing her face. She wondered if her body would recognize him the next time they met, since her eyes would not.

There was a party in a few weeks, and maybe he would be there. She stopped for a brief minute and made sure there was no one in sight. Then she tipped her head back and let out a howl. She decided she adored Halloween, no tricks and one insanely delicious Treat.

One thought on “Little Red and the Wolf

  1. That was hot! I appreciate that you add great visual detail but brief enough that the story flows quickly too. I really enjoy your writing.


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