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The Package

The package arrived on her doorstep. A plain Manila envelope with her name written in beautiful letters across the top.

She opened it carefully, her green eyes shining with excitement over what lay inside.

She peeled apart the tissue paper and gingerly ran her fingers across the soft fabric underneath. The dress was a deep and rich red, the color of wine and the fabric was creamy and smooth. She lifted it out of the package and and held it aloft in the light.

“My God he has glorious taste” she thought as she placed it in front of her and admired herself in the full length mirror. The color was a stark contrast to her pale skin and it made her seem almost otherworldly.

She glanced at her watch and noticed the time. He would be here in less than an hour, there was no time to spare. She put the dress on her bed and quickly fished out a pair of silver heels from her closet. She sorted through her drawer until she found the bra and panty set she was seeking. A silky black number with a hint of lace and a deep V in the bra that pushed her breasts upward and out.

She stepped into her bathroom, turning the shower on as hot as she could stand, and allowed the heat to penetrate her skin. A thorough wash with a vanilla sugar scrub and a quick once over with her razor and she was out like a flash.

She took her time, however, with her body oil, rubbing it into her skin as beads of water from her shower lingered on her goose pimpled skin. He always complimented on how baby soft she felt and tonight, especially she wanted to please him as a thank you for his gift.

Returning to her room, her long auburn locks twisted into a terry cloth towel on her head, she began to dress. The feel of the stockings as they caressed her skin was heavenly and she felt a small, pleasurable shudder run up her spine. Her lingerie was next and finally the dress, a smile crossing her face as she slipped it over her head.

The deep cut in the bodice showcased her breasts, the line between her cleavage like an arrow inviting the eyes in. The fabric gathered at her waist and then flowed down hugging her hips and thighs. A glance at her backside showed how the fabric folded around her bottom, like a canvas and her body the art.

At a quarter to 7 precisely the doorbell rang and there he was, a tall, sexy feast for the eyes. She drank him in, his chiseled chest wrapped inside a velvet cashmere sweater that showed off his tone and muscular arms. His faded denim jeans with the rip in the pocket that showcased an ass you could bounce a quarter off of and thighs that where as solid as rocks.

He smiled at her as she ushered him in, the dimple in his right cheek giving him a rakishly boyish appeal. It took him a second to truly see what she had on and his eyes began to shift. The baby blue irises deepened into a brilliant colbolt blue, their color becoming turbulent like an ocean storm. He unconsciously licked his lips and tried to quench the sudden dryness in his mouth as he found himself overcome with desire and lust.

He had walked no more than 5 steps inside the door before pulling her into his arms, his fingers snaking through her hair as he pulled her in for a kiss. “Oh fuck” he whispered in her ear as he trailed his lips down her neck. “I don’t believe we are making that dinner reservation”, he said, as he led her towards the kitchen, his lips seeking hers as she walked backwards following his lead.

In the kitchen he grabbed her by the forearms and spun her around, placing the top half of her body onto the table, stripping her carefully selected panties down. In under a minute his jeans where around is ankles, his cock, throbbing and hard in his hand as he spread her legs with his knees.

He was inside her then, thrusting, as her fingers gripped the marble countertop, her back arching in response, as she begged him to fuck her harder and faster.

He pulled her ponytail backwards, leaving her slender neck exposed as his mouth found its way towards a sensitive spot. His teeth gently bit into her flesh and she felt her knees buckle as she grew weak from anticipation.

Her dress, her lovely, thoughtful surprise lay bunched beneath her breasts, her ass exposed with red marks, an outline of fingers that had dug in.

On and on it went till they both could move no more. Her toes ached from the strain of standing on them, and in the morning she would discover a long thin bruise on her stomach a “gift” from the tables punishing surface.

He kisses her neck then turned her around, kissing each of her cheeks and her lips. Slowly she pulled her panties up and her dress down, then slipped her heels on to her feet.

“I guess we can still catch the band” she said, a coy smile playing on her face. She watched him as dressed, taking care to ensure his shirt wasn’t inside out, something that had happened before.

She loved it when he shopped for her, the outcome, almost always the same. Clothes smoothed down and heels back on her feet they made their way out the door and into the cool summer night.

” I wonder” she thought as his strong hand wrapped around hers “what the postman will drop off next week”.

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